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The Best ‘All-in-One’ Virtual Event Platforms and What to Use Them For

When it comes to taking events online, we truly believe that the event experience is only as good as the platform you’re using.

But with tons of virtual event platforms out there, all with different features and capabilities, it can be hard for event organisers to know where to start searching. Especially as most of us have spent our careers planning physical events as opposed to virtual ones!

To make things a little easier for you, we’ve listed 9 of the best ‘all-in-one’ virtual event platforms and what to use them for. All of these platforms are great for hybrid events too!

Here at Hire Space, our Virtual Event Experts have spent hundreds of hours researching the latest virtual technologies and trends, and are on hand to help with your virtual events. For exclusive discounts on virtual event platforms, as well as tips on running a virtual event, book a free consultation today.

1. Arena

Arena is a brand new all-in-one platform built by eventprofs, for eventprofs.

This fully brandable, affordable and commitment-free solution is ideal for event organisers wanting to deliver unforgettable virtual and hybrid events to their clients and customers. The platform offers many features, including breakout rooms, Q&A and a live feed with the ability to leave emoji reactions! With this platform your content will cut through the clutter and be focused front and centre.

Arena is also infinitely scaleable, so whether you want 100 or 100,000 attendees, the robust technology will support every requirement.

Great for: Hybrid and virtual conferences, AGMs, meetings, award ceremonies, whatever you need! Plus with Hire Space 360, you can get unlimited access to Arena and other event tech you need to deliver successful events, plus so much more.

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Arena virtual and hybrid event platform

2. Big Top by Hire Space

Host an online conference your delegates won’t forget in a hurry. Using our fully customisable Big Top platform, your attendees can navigate through an event map full of discussions, workshops and breakout spaces.

Developed by the team that held virtual Christmas parties featured in the BBC, Forbes and The Times, a Big Top Conference is sure to give your attendees an unforgettable experience!

For those of you looking for a bit of fun for your team, Big Top is also the perfect virtual party platform! With a choice of more than 30 rooms, guests navigate the branded map and enjoy the variety of world-class performers. You can even get food and drink delivered to your team as part of the Big Top Party package!

Great for: Conferences, exhibitions or parties and social events.

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big top virtual event map

3. Cadence

The home of EventLAB Online 2020, Cadence is a fully brandable, easy-to-use platform for your virtual conferences or webinars. With functionalities such as a live feed, push notifications, on-demand content hub, messaging feature and the ability to plan your own schedule and register for sessions in-app, there's not much this platform doesn't offer!

Great for: Conferences, exhibitions, networking events, awards ceremonies.

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Cadence event platform

4. Brella

Brella provides end-to-end support for virtual events. Attendees can use the Brella virtual event platform on mobile or desktop to keep track of everything related to your event – from speakers to multitrack agendas and sponsors. Plus, Brella allows you to host multiple live streams at once.

Brella's strongest feature, however, is networking. As one of the leading event networking platforms, Brella features AI-powered matchmaking, using mutual goals to give each attendee recommendations for who they should meet.

Great for: Events that centre around networking or that need multiple live streams.

Capacity: Up to 10,000.

Pricing: From £2500 per event (or from £1500 with Hire Space)

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Brella virtual event platform

5. Grip

Grip makes use of virtual event technology to empower attendees, exhibitors and sponsors to reach their goals faster. With networking at the centre of Grip’s offering, delegates benefit from AI-powered meeting recommendations, the ability to preschedule one-on-one meetings in virtual booths and technology to support small group meetings too.

Other key features include integrated live streaming and company profiles so that visitors can learn more about exhibiting companies. Plus, we love the customisable home feed, which makes for a tailored event experience for each delegate.

Great for: Events that depend on human connection, such as networking, exhibitions and trade shows.

Capacity: Up to 150,000.

Pricing: From £2500 per event (or from £2050 with Hire Space)

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Grip virtual event platform

6. Swapcard

Swapcard uses artificial intelligence to engage your audience and connect attendees – whether with audience polls and surveys or AI-powered meeting recommendations.

With Swapcard, delegates can preschedule one-on-one virtual meetings and product demos in virtual booths, and as well as using the group chat feature. Meanwhile, event organisers can integrate with any streaming provider and easily track audience engagement.

Great for: Events that combine live streaming and networking, such as conferences.

Capacity: Up to 100,000.

Pricing: From £1500 per event (or from £1400 with Hire Space)

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Swapcard virtual event platform

7. streamGo

streamGo’s 'Branding+' service custom builds your event platform, ensuring that everything about the event is completely customised to your brand. This includes the event registration page, event website, reminder emails and even the URL.

Not only this, streamGo allows for an interactive experience every step of the way. It offers sponsor booths, networking, trackable live polling and Q&A sessions and even immersive 360 virtual environments.

Specialising in webinars and webcasts, there's no end to the ways you can make your event stand out with this all-encompassing tool.

Great for: Complete virtual events, webinars, or webcasts, whether that entails your speakers being based in one location or you want to live stream elements of a hybrid event.

Pricing: From £10,000 per event, including full production and a dedicated event manager.

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8. Worksup

Worksup aims to give virtual event attendees the same experience as if they were there in person, allowing them to network and access live streaming via an event app. Delegates can create profiles displaying their interests and skills, before proposing virtual meetings with like-minded individuals and receiving AI-powered networking suggestions.

Perhaps the best part of Worksup is the scope for audience engagement. Attendees can ask questions in real time using the event app’s Q&A feature. Plus, event organisers can distribute individual tasks and group assignments. There's even a feature that allows attendees to work together to draw a group picture!

Great for: Events that rely on audience interaction, such as training days, workshops and webinars.

Capacity: Unlimited.

Pricing: From £399 per event (or £360 with Hire Space)

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Worksup virtual event platform

9. Zoom

Zoom isn’t quite an all-in-one platform. But as an incredibly popular and versatile video conferencing tool, we thought it deserved a mention anyway! Thanks to better call quality, the ability to record meetings and the fact that it's easy and simple to use, Zoom is one of the leaders in the market for virtual events. Plus, did we mention the nifty breakout room functionality?!

Zoom allows the host to mute participants and take over their screens, making it ideal for online tutorials. It can also integrate with other platforms to provide the live video stream as part of more complex events.

Great for: Events centred around discussions, such as virtual meetings, webinars and panel discussions.

Capacity: Up to 1,000.

Pricing: from £44 per month

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Zoom video conferencing platform

Note: The above prices are based on an entry-level 100 person event and may vary depending on your brief.

So, whether you’re organising a large virtual conference or an intimate webinar, we hope this gives you some insight into the range of virtual event platforms available. From creative ice breakers to audience polls and live streaming, there’s sure to be a platform that takes your event’s offering to a whole new level.

To find out more about planning a virtual event, browse our services and get in touch with our virtual event experts. For more guidance on the tech you'll need, check out our Complete Guide To Virtual Events.





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