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9 Festive & Fun Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for Every Team

Christmas is almost here! It's the perfect excuse to let your hair down and celebrate having got through a particularly tough year.

Yes, this Christmas is set to look a little different from those we're used to. But that’s no reason not to throw the best Christmas party ever! To help you do so while keeping your friends and colleagues safe, we’ve pulled together some amazing virtual Christmas party ideas. From private performances to festive wine tasting, there’s something for every team and every taste. Enjoy!

1. Host an upscale soirée worthy of the stars

Why not rope in a celebrity to really treat your friends and colleagues to a memorable do this Christmastime?!

If that sounds right up your street, we think you'll love Oz Clarke's virtual wine tasting. The British wine writer, TV presenter and recently-appointed OBE will share his expertise over sumptuous wine beautifully packaged and delivered to each guest's doorstep by the Three Wine Men (honestly, could you get any more Christmassy than that?!).

There's even the option to add charcuterie and cheese boards if you want to capitalise on the 'upscale' vibe. Or, how about getting some high-end catering delivered so that you can put your new-found wine knowledge into practice over a four-course dinner?!

Either way, we think this kind of soirée definitely deserves something fancier than your standard 'working from home' attire. So, it might be time to encourage your colleagues to swap their PJs for their best black-tie get-up. Now that's how to pull off the slickest Christmas party of them all!

Price (excl. VAT): Oz Clarke as presenter £4,800 plus 4 half bottles of Fine Wine incl. delivery £85pp

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2. Get into the party spirit with Big Top

For this year's festivities, Hire Space brings you the ultimate fun and totally unexpected Christmas party experience you didn't even know existed – powered by the team behind the biggest virtual party ever: Sparkle.

For one night, explore a map of breakout rooms hosted by some of the best performers, comedians and workshop hosts online. Start your night in a virtual taxi ride with your favourite colleagues, dodge the burly bouncer at the door, compete at the virtual bingo hall hosted by two of Berlin's top drag Queens and more.

Exclusive Big Top parties are now fully booked for Christmas, so why not consider the Big Top Festival Shared Party? With a guest list longer than Santa's naughty list, the party atmosphere will be rife from the word go. Plus, each company gets their own, password-protected breakout room on the Big Top party map - it's the perfect place to step away from the festivities to relax and enjoy a drink with colleagues. Or, you could even take the opportunity to arrange some private entertainment for your team alone. Enjoy!

Price (excl. VAT): From £20pp

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3. Escape to Egypt murder mystery

Nothing says ‘cold winter’s night’ to us like a murder mystery, and there's no reason why your colleagues shouldn't enjoy a bit of escapism at the same time!

If that sounds perfect to you, you'll simply love the virtual Ancient Egypt Murder Mystery, which is all centred around one of Ancient Egypt's most infamous murders. We're talking time-sensitive clues and challenges with a healthy dose of team rivalry thrown in for fun!

Not only is it a great way to bond with your colleagues, but it also provides the perfect theme for the night. If you're thinking what we're thinking, digging out your Egyptian togas and hosting a fancy dress competition is a must! And once the mystery's been solved, an Egyptian-themed feast delivered to your colleagues' houses is surely on the cards. That's not an evening that anyone's going to forget in a hurry!

Price (excl. VAT): £41.20pp

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4. Shake it, crush it and drink it with a Christmas cocktail party

If your yearly Christmas party usually involves a classy drinks reception (before the night inevitably descends into chaos) then a virtual cocktail party is sure to hit the spot.

And what better way to kick off a cocktail party than with a Cocktail Masterclass? A master mixologist will talk you and your guests through the creation of six cocktails, using a spirit of your choice. Plus, there's no need to root around inside your cupboards searching for those missing ingredients – your colleagues will each get sent a box in advance with everything they need, including a cocktail shaker!

By the end of the class, you'll have some seriously cool new skills, as well as some scrumptious cocktails to sip. So, why not get some classy finger food delivered to each attendee's house to go with them? Whether it's just cheese and olives or some Michelin-standard nibbles, this is an undeniably classy way to see in the Christmas season (that certainly deserves a classy dress code to match!).

Price: £450 set-up fee + £65pp

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5. Make it all about the food

If you’re the kind of company that just loves your yearly Christmas dinner, fear not. Just because your party's going virtual, it doesn't mean food's off the cards...

Why not make the night all about the food by hosting a virtual cooking class? Not only will the foodies in your office love it, but anyone who's used to burning their microwave meals will definitely appreciate it too. So, just put together an office poll to decide what dish you want to cook together and then let a professional chef talk you through exactly how to make your own mouth-watering feast. Whether you pick a festive favourite or a simpler dish with a modern twist, you’ll get to enjoy a virtual Christmas dinner of your choosing and learn a new skill in the process.

If you want to make the night extra special, how about getting a parcel delivered to each of your colleagues in advance? As well as sending them the ingredients they need, you could even include a couple of bespoke items – from a branded apron to a personalised wooden spoon, it's up to you. And of course, let's not forget some delicious wine specially chosen to complement your dish of choice. Happy Christmas to you too!

Price (excl. VAT): From £20 per class plus £5 per additional participant

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6. Have a rowdy one

Looking for a boozy way to see in the start of the festive season? If yours is a heavy-laughs-and-drinking kind of team, there's no reason why you can't throw the best Christmas party yet over virtual.

When it comes to hilarious entertainment to really get the night going, you just can't beat Bogan Bingo. With a hilarious mix of comedy, classic tunes, appalling choreography and crap prizes, this bingo-game-slash-comedy-game-show is sure to make your Christmas party a memorable one – particularly when everyone's got a few drinks down them. Talking of which, why not find out what kind of drinks your colleagues are into and supply them with enough to keep them going into the early hours?!

Once the entertainment's finished, you can just continue the night with some old-school Christmas fun – your standard Christmas sweater competition, virtual Christmas Santa... you name it. The laughter is guaranteed to go on all night!

Price (excl. VAT): Starts at £1,000 for up to 110 guests

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7. Throw a party your guests have to work for

We just love the idea of making your colleagues work for their Christmas party (and no, we don't mean their usual office work!). Wouldn't it be cool to throw them all into a virtual escape room which they have to solve in order to reach their Christmas party?

From unravelling cryptic messages to using augmented reality technology to muddle their way back to freedom, a virtual escape room is the perfect ice breaker to get your whole team working together.

Not only will it give you a lot to talk about over a glass of wine after (hint hint!), but we truly believe having to work for something makes you appreciate it even more.

Price (excl. VAT): £12pp plus £250 remote facilitation fee per 50 participants

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8. Roll out the (virtual) red carpet

If it’s world-class entertainment you’re after, where better to get it than on Broadway, especially if your office is filled with musical theatre fans?!

That's why we just love the idea of enlisting the help of Broadway performers to keep your guests entertained. We're talking a Zoom call with Broadway talent from some of the most popular musicals around, from Book of Mormon to Hamilton and SIX. Not only could you get some exclusive performances, but it's also a chance to get them to divulge some unscripted Q&A material and hilarious stories!

And if you really want to run with the musical theatre theme, why not move onto the in-house talent after?! Whether it's virtual karaoke or an office talent show, it's the perfect way to uncover some awesome party tricks and have a laugh in the process.

Price (excl. VAT): Quotes are tailored

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9. Opt for a chilled Christmas movie night

Not every team craves a wild (virtual) night out. So, if your team enjoys more of a laid-back vibe, we have the perfect Christmas party idea for you.

How about unwinding by enjoying a classic Christmas movie together? Whether it's Love Actually, Home Alone or Elf, it's the perfect way to channel your shared love of Christmas by immersing yourselves in some nostalgia.

To make things that little bit more memorable, why not rope in our virtual event experts to sort you out with some mouth-watering burger kits, delivered to each of your colleagues' houses? Containing everything you need to make restaurant-quality Patty&Bun burgers at home, all that's left is to add on one of our delicious drinks packages for the perfect accompaniment to a juicy burger.

Then, encourage your colleagues to change into their comfiest onesies and PJs, and snuggle up to watch a film together from the comfort of your their sofas (popcorn's a must!).

Price: £25pp for 10 people or more (excl. delivery)

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So, as you can see, you certainly don’t have to leave home to enjoy the office Christmas party of the century! Whether you’re going for a refined and classy vibe, a laid-back and chilled atmosphere or a wild and boozy night, there’s something for every team.

If you’re ready to get planning, just get in touch with our virtual event experts.

For more guidance and advice on how to plan unforgettable virtual events in the meantime, check out our Complete Guide To Virtual Events. Don't forget to check out our brand new virtual and hybrid events solution, Arena, which is the perfect affordable and scaleable option for any event.





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