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5 Reasons Your Event Space is Crucial to Success

With so much banking on the big day - whether that’s an away day, exhibition or day of a new product launch - it’s crucial that your event offers an experience that everybody enjoys. And at the centre of any successful event is an exceptional venue, perfectly suited for purpose.

We asked exhibitions and events experts why the event space you choose is so crucial to success.

1. People & Places

Understandably, taking note of the location is one of the first things people do when they’ve been invited to an event. The selected space will undoubtedly evoke some sort of emotion - whether that’s excitement, wonder or disappointment - and can ultimately decide whether the invited party thinks the event is worth paying for in time, money or both.

Dining at German Gymnasium

If we’re yet to visit a venue, then most of us might do a little research of our own accord - even if that means a quick Google on your commute - so make sure you pick a space that won’t disappoint. With so many options available, an amazing venue can take attendees from interested to excited and make sure your concept comes out on top when stacked up against competitors.

2. Amenities, Amenities, Amenities

Nothing says “wrong choice of venue” quite like a lack of provisions for attendees. From toilets to catering choices, it’s important to get the detail right so that the pieces can all fit together.

It’s often the little things in relation to the venue that make the critical difference in how smoothly the event will run. When accommodating bigger crowds, the layout is a decisive factor affecting the ‘people flow’ around the venue.

Events at Somerset House

Think about the overall experience of the guest, as well as how the venue will play its part. A bad event experience can start from the moment an attendee can’t find suitable parking, or where the toilets are...don't let your event be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

3. Accessibility is Essential

Inclusivity should be at the forefront of any organiser's mind when selecting the host space for your event. People come with any number of preferences and requirements, and some attendees will have extra needs when it comes to accessibility - so always ensure your event space has ample disabled access and parking. If you’re ever unsure about access to a venue, it’s always worth consulting an expert ahead of the day or at the initial stages of your search to make sure you don’t exclude anyone within your target market.

4. Atmosphere

So you’ve got the numbers, you’ve organised the catering and your team is ready to go. As attendees begin to arrive, what will they see? In the eyes of guests, the event experience begins from the moment they arrive at the venue - so it’s important that the venue mirrors the atmosphere you’re trying to build. Whether that be a clean-cut corporate meeting space or a stunning product launch venue with panoramic views of the city skyline, the space you choose is key to setting up the event for success.

Events at Battersea Evolution

Once you’ve locked down the venue, you can build on it with suitable lighting and furnishings to amp up the ambience and create the ideal setting for your event. Finding the right suppliers to suit the venue is a struggle all organisers face, but taking the time to find the perfect DJ or professional photographer can really bring an event to life.

5. Branding Benefits

From exhibition stands to product displays, branding your event area will help get your business noticed – particularly if you’re exhibiting among a sea of other companies. Adorning everything from your business cards to your banner stand or bar with your business’s logo, company colours and brand message means that you’ll be giving your business the best chance of being recognised – and this sort of consistent branding will go a long way when it comes to building a loyal audience and encouraging repeat custom.

Events at IceTank

An event stand that’s identifiable by its visual elements can be a great asset to businesses who are keen to follow up with attendees on social media. From your Twitter profile picture to your email signature, ensuring the branding you display at your event is transferrable across all aspects of your business will ensure event attendees recognise your business the next time you make contact – and this can be invaluable when it comes to strengthening relationships and extending the life of the event.

Finding the ideal venue is not without its challenges. With a lot riding on the success of an event, big or small, it’s critical you choose the perfect place to play host but also that you make the most of the space.

*Contact for help with your venue and supplier hunt or for advice on event branding.*


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