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13 Tips For Throwing A Killer Christmas Party

If you've been put in charge of your co-workers' Christmas event, or you're organising something for friends and family, you can't go wrong with our definitive checklist.

1. Start planning early

Start planning early

We've never seen anything like the number of Christmas bookings that we've been helping out with this summer. That's right, summer. Make sure you don't get beaten to the best venues by waiting too long!

2. Choose your date carefully

Choose your date carefully

While it's true that many venues get booked up early, not many people realise that certain dates do too. This year December 12th is proving very popular.

3. Think outside the box

Think outside the box

Don't limit yourself to bars and restaurants - consider a converted loft, an art gallery or even something as crazy as The Atlantic Cove.

4. Make a venue wishlist

Make a venue wishlist

Get together a wishlist of your dream venues - this gives you a great start that you can then whittle down based on your requirements.

5. Visit them

Visit them

The photos on the Hire Space website are always great, and they give you a strong sense and understanding of the venue. But nothing beats checking it out in person.

6. See the potential

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Don't just look at what the venue already is - imagine what it could be. Some of our best spots for Christmas are a blank canvas waiting to be imaginatively transformed.

7. Think about the after-party

Think about the after-party
Source: BBC

If your plan is to head on to somewhere afterwards, make sure it's easy to get to. If you're all gonna be a bit too merry for another set of drinks, pick somewhere with good public transport.

8. Ask an expert

Ask an expert

Our Venue Experts are here to help, free of charge. They know venues inside out and can help you with everything from the big picture down to the tiniest details.

9. Go to some tastings

Go to some tastings

Lots of venues offer free tastings of their Christmas menus to likely event bookers. Scout them out, or ask us for the most delicious ones that are coming up.

10. Get an unlimited drinks package

Get an unlimited drinks package

And now it's time for booze. We recommend choosing an unlimited drinks package. This can include wine, beer and spirits, but it's cheaper to drop the spirits - and there's less of a risk of a complete drunken Christmas chaos. Unless that's what you want, of course.

11. Pick your entertainment

Pick your entertainment

UV table-tennis, snake charmers, photo booths, close up magic - there are unending amounts of Christmas entertainment available. Just ask for all the options.

12. Get creative

Get creative

Especially crucial for loft spaces and galleries, get in there and spread the Christmas spirit with lights, crackers, tinsel, and...

13. Mistletoe


This is the final and probably most important touch. If you drunkenly kiss someone you never meant to, you can always blame it on the mistletoe.

For any and all tips, from the venue right down to the mince pies, just get in touch at


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Marketing Manager at Hire Space

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