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The Voodoo Rooms

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  • From £150 per hour
  • 500 people
  • Unknown
  • 365m² (3929ft²)

Spaces in The Voodoo Rooms

500 Reception

Full Venue

From From £7,500.00 / Minimum Spend

The Full Venue at The Voodoo Rooms is a versatile space suitable for a variety of events. It is the perfect setting for the Midnight Lunar Market Presents: Valentine’s Edition event, celebrating self-love, platonic love, and sex positivity. This inclusive space is ideal for hosting alternative night markets, small businesses, artists, and other quirky and wonderful events. The venue offers a safe and inclusive environment for attendees to shop, grab a drink, and enjoy dinner. With its welcoming atmosphere and spacious layout, the Full Venue is well-suited for a wide range of events, making it a popular choice for unique and diverse gatherings.

500 Reception

The Ballroom

From From £825.00 / Venue Fee

The Ballroom is a versatile event space located within The Voodoo Rooms. It has a rich history of hosting live music events, making it an ideal choice for concerts, gigs, and performances. The space offers a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, perfect for creating memorable experiences for both performers and audiences. With its spacious layout and excellent acoustics, The Ballroom is well-suited for music events, private parties, and corporate functions. The venue is equipped with professional sound and lighting facilities, ensuring a top-notch experience for all types of events. The Ballroom is a dynamic space that can accommodate a variety of setups, making it suitable for standing receptions, seated dinners, and theatre-style events. It is a popular choice for both local and touring artists, offering a platform for creative expression and entertainment.

300 Standing

Live Music Cabaret Rooms

From From £5,000.00 / Minimum Spend

The Live Music Cabaret Rooms at The Voodoo Rooms offer a lush and eclectic space for hosting live music events, cabaret shows, and other entertainment performances. The exotic and antique decor creates a unique and vibrant atmosphere, making it an ideal venue for music gigs, comedy shows, and theatrical performances. With a variety of room sizes accommodating up to 300 people, the space is suitable for birthdays, meetings, and gigs. The venue also serves a wide range of cocktails, beers, and spirits, along with a delicious menu featuring burgers, vegan options, and tapas. The staff are friendly and helpful, ensuring a memorable experience for all guests.

200 Reception

The Speakeasy

From From £150.00 / Venue Fee

The Speakeasy is a space within The Voodoo Rooms, offering a unique and intimate setting for events. With a capacity for live music performances, it is an ideal space for concerts, album launches, and other music-related events. The vintage decor and cozy ambiance make it perfect for private parties, gatherings, and small-scale performances. The Speakeasy is equipped with a stage, sound system, and lighting, providing a complete setup for live entertainment. The space is suitable for hosting small corporate events, networking sessions, and product launches, offering a distinctive and memorable setting for business gatherings. The Speakeasy is a versatile space that can be adapted to suit a variety of event types, making it a popular choice for a range of occasions.

About The Voodoo Rooms

The Voodoo Rooms is hosting an event called 'Man of the World - the Music of Peter Green' in The Ballroom on February 15, 2024. The event celebrates the life and music of Peter Green, founder of the original Fleetwood Mac. The performance will feature guitarist Remi Harris, vocalist Dave Small, bassist Tom Moore, and Shane Dixon on drums. The event will include classic songs such as Man Of The World, Black Magic Woman, Need Your Love So Bad, Albatross, and The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown). The venue offers a vibrant and historic space for music events, with a focus on live performances and a range of musical genres. The Ballroom is an ideal space for hosting live music events, concerts, and performances. The Voodoo Rooms is located at 19a West Register Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2AA. The venue is known for its excellent acoustics and atmospheric setting, making it a popular choice for music enthusiasts and event organizers. The Voodoo Rooms is a versatile venue with a rich musical heritage, making it an attractive choice for hosting music-related events and performances.

The Voodoo Rooms

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