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Celebrate the sun with an event at a rooftop hideaway or a venue with views. Choose from the best with our selection of rooftop bars in London.

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Our selection of London's best rooftop venues, from secret spots to well-known rooftop bars. London's growing skyline means we're getting spoiled for choice for cool rooftop venues with breathtaking views of the city. Well away from the bustle of the streets below, these prime spots are the place to be during the summer months, but are also great options if you're looking for a Christmas bar in London.

So whether you want to wow your guests at your next corporate event, or want to bring the right vibes to a cool summer party with friends, there's always going to be an ideal rooftop spot in this great city. Click through to a venue's profile to enquire for free. Got questions? No problem. Give our Venue Experts a call, let us know what you're needing, and we'll be on hand to offer some free professional advice.

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What is a rooftop bar?

A rooftop bar is a space at the top of a restaurant, hotel or other establishment or building which is able to welcome guests to enjoy food and/or drinks. There are all kinds of rooftops across London, the UK and further afield which have been transformed into impressive event spaces for unforgettable, unique experiences for guests.

Why are rooftop bars popular?

Rooftop bars are extremely popular for outdoor events of all types, and for good reason.

Firstly, it goes without saying that rooftop spaces provide fantastic views of their location, making them an extremely popular choice for particular times of the day, such as sunrise, sunset and nighttime. The most popular rooftop bars are usually ones that offer great views of across cities, green spaces, landmarks, or other beautiful vistas. The higher the better!

As well as wonderful views, rooftop bars are popular because they offer a unique experience for guests. The sense of exclusivity and luxury that goes hand-in-hand with rooftop bars is undeniable, meaning that rooftop bars could be an ideal location if you’re trying to impress your guests. Key clients, stakeholders, investors… whoever you’re meeting with, they are sure to be seriously impressed with a private space at the top of a magnificent building. Many rooftop spaces are decked out with plants and luxurious furnishings which complement the event and add to the sense of occasion. Rooftop bars also offer an outdoor space in locations where this may be limited, such as in Central London, making them highly desirable and often very busy in peak times, such as summer.

Rooftop bars are also popular due to their versatility. Whilst traditionally associated with making the most of the weather at summer-time events, many rooftop bars provide blankets, heaters or full-blown covers which can be used in colder temperatures too, perhaps for Christmas parties. Some larger rooftop bars, such as Trafalgar St James, even offer a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, to accommodate all kinds of weather. Rooftop spaces are also great for making your own - you could hire the whole space and deck it out with your branding and company colours, even down to the cushions!

Among a whole host of other reasons why rooftop bars are popular, they bring with them a cool, urban atmosphere. Guests feel like they’re escaping the hustle and bustle of the city below them and stepping into a perfect backdrop to any celebration high above ground level, whether that’s a team party or a romantic engagement. This also makes them extremely “Instagrammable”, which is an important factor in marketing these kinds of spaces.

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