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With East London still being one of the best places for bars around London, look no further than this list of some of the most exciting bars for hire. From the hidden bars to roof top bars, East London has everything you need. Enquire directly with venues through Hire Space, or contact our Venue Experts at the button below. You'll receive suggestions with best prices negotiated, and all for free!

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Discovering East London's Bar Scene: A Guide to Venue Selection for Event Planners

East London's bar scene is as diverse and dynamic as the area itself, offering event planners a plethora of options for hosting memorable occasions. When selecting a venue, consider the unique character of neighbourhoods like Shoreditch or Hackney, where bars often feature industrial-chic aesthetics with exposed brickwork and open-plan layouts, perfect for networking events or casual corporate gatherings.

For a more intimate setting, explore hidden gems that provide a cosy atmosphere for private celebrations or team-building exercises. Rooftop bars are a fantastic choice for summer events, offering stunning views of the cityscape and a refreshing open-air vibe. It's essential to consider the size and layout of the bar to ensure it accommodates your guest list comfortably and allows for the flow of the event.

Transport links are crucial for attendee accessibility, so opt for venues near major tube stations or bus routes. This consideration will be appreciated by guests travelling from different parts of the city or even from out of town. Additionally, delve into the bar's technological capabilities, especially if you plan to incorporate live streaming or social media engagement into your event.

Sustainability is increasingly valued by attendees, so seek out bars that practice eco-friendly initiatives, such as sourcing local ingredients or reducing waste. This not only supports the environment but also resonates with the values of your guests.

Finally, leverage the rich tapestry of Cocktail Bars and Pubs & Bars available through Hire Space to find the perfect match for your event's theme and objectives. With the right venue, your event can capture the essence of East London's vibrant bar culture.

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