Spa From Ordinary VR Massages

If you're after an experience that's really out of the ordinary, look no further than this virtual reality massage - a breath of fresh air at any event!

Spa From Ordinary VR Massages Spa From Ordinary VR Massages Spa From Ordinary VR Massages

Presented by: Spa From Ordinary

From 1 hour
From £200 per hour


If you're looking to treat your guests to the pinnacle of relaxation, Spa From Ordinary can deliver a helping hand. Immersive, relaxing, and intriguing, Spa From Ordinary's virtual reality-infused massages are an ideal addition to any exhibition, conference, or away day.

Using VR headsets to transport guests out of the bustle of the day and into a tranquil paradise for a deserved break - complete with a relaxing, professional massage - this treat is sure to go down well and make your event truly memorable!


Key features:

  • Immersive & effective relaxation
  • Unique event experience
  • Bespoke packages available

Price breakdown

Price per session

3 hours (includes 2 stations) £600
Per person £25


Additional costs

Travel expenses apply depending on location

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I'd say you'd be BONKERS not to bring them to your event!

Sir Richard Branson - Founder, Virgin Group

For 15 minutes I was able to escape the office environment to find myself in a forest, free from my surrounding visual and audible distractions allowing me to enjoy a head, neck, shoulders, arms and hand massage. It was the perfect balance of experience and benefits I could take into the rest of my day.

Ash Dey, Openmind Wellbeing

Spa from Ordinary made a spectacular event even better. Their hospitality, professionalism and talent made a lasting impression!

Justin Golden