Complimentary Drinks

Looking for a bit of fizz at your event? Complimentary drinks provide hilarious, uplifting entertainment to give everyone a buzz.

Complimentary Drinks

Presented by: Complimentary Drinks

From 1 hour
From £200 per hour
London and South East


Complimentary drinks are entertainers who brighten up your guests' experience by treating them to personalised, uplifting compliments throughout the event.

Fully-stocked with appreciation, admiration, and a dusting of playful humour, these lively, sweet hosts will have everyone's spirits lifted. Perfect for breaking the ice and giving people a refreshing boost of confidence, this is an ideal activity for parties, award ceremonies, and other occasions where a shot of kindness goes down a treat.

Key features:

  • Playful & kind performers
  • Boosts everyone's self esteem
  • Unique & fun experience

Price breakdown

Price per session

Price per hour £400 (for 2 performers)


Additional costs

Travel costs apply if outside of London

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Such a simple but innovative and joyful experience! I came away from our event feeling a million dollars and it was so amazing to see my colleagues and employees light up to what others had to say about them. Wonderful stuff.

Alice Mayor

So much fun and such an original, weird and and wonderful idea. Really broke the ice at our event and gave everyone something to talk about. The “drinks” themselves were very sweet but never sickly!

Patrick WM

An absolutely brilliant concept! I've booked Complimentary Drinks for lots of virtual parties and the experience has been seamless from start to finish. Everyone hugely enjoys the time as it is easy going, friendly and positive! I can't recommend this enough if you're looking for wholesome, inclusive entertainment.

Zeenat Edah-Tally