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Top 3 Karaoke Bars in London

For those that enjoy a drink with a slice of embarrassment on top, karaoke bars are always an excellent idea. Friends and colleagues alike picking songs for each other to belt out to a crowd of unsuspecting strangers, who are all greatly supportive as you try to reach that high note.

London is full of karaoke bars - but what are the ones worth trawling across the city for? Here are our picks of the top three best karaoke bars in the city for your next away day.

Lucky Voice Holborn

lucky voice

The private rooms at Lucky Voice Holborn are home to the largest private hire karaoke venue in London with 10 rooms ranging in capacity from 6 to 25 singers. And that’s not all - this ridiculously cool and high tech karaoke bar has an intuitive in-house karaoke interface, which allows potential singers to choose between an ever expanding catalogue of around 9000 songs. Crazy, right?

With licensing till 4am, and a quirky button that allows room service in an instant, this karaoke bar is a set above the rest.

The Jaques Room at Bounce

Jaques Room

What is better than a night of pure karaoke? Yes, that’s right. Karaoke and Ping Pong. The ultimate classic combination is part of the outrageous fun here at Jaques Room at Bounce in Farringdon.

Combining their love of absolute, ridiculous fun with their state of the art facilities, Bounce has a reputation for hosting the most talked about events, which sets it apart as the ultimate conference, and corporate party destination in London.

Rubell's Karaoke Lounge at Huckster London

Karaoke Lounge

Sing your heart out at Rubell's Karaoke Lounge at Huckster London. With stunning modern, and minimalistic interiors, you’ll be singing in style with friends and colleagues.

Strut up the stairs and take centre stage on the mezzanine level at Rubell's Karaoke Lounge in Huckster London. Rubell's Karaoke Lounge is the private karaoke experience, curated for guests that were seeking a wilder live experience. The room is inspired by the late, great Steve Rubell who founded Studio 54 in Manhattan.


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