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The Hire Space Glossary: Your A to Z of Events...Part II

You may have read the first instalment of our A to Z of Events. You may not have. But that's OK – this is not one of those "If you haven't seen the first season of Game of Thrones you won't follow the rest"-type things. As long as you've learned the middle section of the alphabet (and mastered that tricky L/M/N/O/P part), you're good to go. Here is the second part of our guide to everything venue- and event-related.

I is for Immediacy

At Hire Space, we pride ourselves on being able to produce a 24-hour turnaround if required. That means that during the week, if you're in need of urgency, we'll get back to you within 24 hours of your event enquiry. We'd say that's pretty immediate.

J is for Jockeys of the Disc

We took a little syntactic licence with this one. Of course, we mean DJs, and these professionals are key to any event that wants to get guests bopping, jiving and twerk-- sorry, twirling.

We work with a number of suppliers that specialise in music tailored to your individual event. One of our favourites is Storm DJs, whose team even supply live musicians to accompany DJ sets, from saxophonists to violinists. Take it from the impressive list of clients that have used Storm for their events, from Nike, to Ben & Jerry's, to Hilton.

Storm DJs

K is for Kitchens (and Kitchenettes)

If you're feeding your guests at your event, you'll want a kitchen on site. In the majority of cases, the venue your pick will have state-of-the-art kitchen facilities. Take, for example, Tobacco Dock or The Hari.

The Hari bar

Some of our venues will have an approved list of caterers to come and work their approved magic in the on-site kitchens.

In some cases, caterers may have to build their own field kitchen on site. Kachette, Behind the Bike Shed and Geffrye Museum all allow this (and the latter allows for summer barbecues in its beautiful gardens). Caterers are skilled and experienced in establishing these kitchens, though. Julian Saipe of Zafferano recently chatted to us about this very practice.

Zafferano canapés

L is for Livery Halls

Livery halls are a uniquely English thing. Well, actually, a uniquely London thing. In fact, a uniquely City of London thing. They're some of the most fascinating venues around, because of the rich history that surrounds you. Primarily, they're the home to the historic livery companies of the City – essentially trade associations or guilds.

They're pretty self-explanatory: Merchant Taylors' Hall is home to the tailor trade, while Painters' Hall is home to, you guessed it, painters. Pewterers' Hall is home to pewter craftsmen. If tradition and history is the unique angle you're after, livery halls could be the way to go.

Merchant Taylors' Hall

M is for Meetings

You can meet people wherever you want; no one's stopping you. It's a free country. But a meeting's not really a meeting without the standard facilities: AV, PA, HD and other acronyms. Some of our meeting rooms go above and beyond in their offerings, and cater to various different groups, from creative industries to more traditional businesses. Browse our selection of meeting rooms here.

Twickenham meeting room

N is for Networking

Networking, of course, is mutually exclusive to meetings, but why not hold a meeting in the day and a networking reception in the evening? It can be a smooth way of transitioning from a day of boardroom boredom (how about that tongue-twister?) to a more social, mingle-filled end of the day. We have a huge number of spacious networking venues ideal for rubbing shoulders, elbows and what have you. Most will also offer packages with drinks, canapés and bowl foods to keep chatters chatty.

Victorian Bath House networking

O is for Open Bar

If you're feeling generous.

P is for Photo Shoots

In the age of selfies, it's hard to stay away from the pouts and hashtags. But professional photo shoots are still a thing, trust us. If you're a photographer or filmmaker looking for a clean, bright, empty studio or space for a shoot, we have plenty on hand.

MOTEL photo shoot

Or, if you're looking for an event to be recorded and memorialised for time to come, check out our film and photo partners, London Filmed, whose skilled artists capture scenes with static images, videos, 360 videos and even drones.

London Filmed camera

Q is for Quotes

Have you seen our Google Reviews? We'd love for you to head there to see what our former (and current) customers say about our customer service. We think you'll be impressed. Here are some of our personal favourites:

From enquiry to booking was just the easiest ever. Hire Space is a joy and Theatre Royal Drury Lane is a wonderful place with lots of helpful people who made our event enjoyable and without challenges. Thank you - we will be back!

Theatre Royal Drury Lane terrace

I was incredibly impressed by the high standard of expertise that I experienced. Friendly, helpful and quick to reply, I have been happy to recommend them over the competition.

Amazing, unique venues on offer, which are easy to find on the website. Great customer service on top.

Check out more reviews, or share your own experience, here.

We'll be back with the third and final instalment very soon, right after we learn the rest of the alphabet. Until then, head to hirespace.com for awesome venues.


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