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The Fortnight In Review Episode 6

For Episode 6 of our live stream discussion, we were joined by industry experts Charlotte Gentry, Founder and CEO of Pure, and Richard Groves, Director of SMART Group to discuss how individual organisations are responding to the ambiguity of government guidelines for events and what steps they are taking to adapt. Conference News also streamed the discussion. Watch the session below!

Additionally, the Safer Events - Framework For Action White Paper has been updated to accommodate new government guidelines: download it here if you haven’t already.



If you have questions you'd like us to address on the next episode, please email us at covid19@hirespace.com or reach out on social media using the hashtag #hspresents.

Virtual Events Made Easy

If you want to watch the full series of The Fortnight In Review, you can find all previous episodes here.

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Izzie brings a deep understanding of the events world to Hire Space, and keeps busy by writing lots of Hire Space and EventLAB content and managing the Hire Space social media presence.

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Hire Space Virtual Events

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