How many Christmas parties have you been to? And how many do you actually remember...?

Exactly! If you want your post-isolation Christmas party to be remembered, you’ll need a memorable venue to match. So, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve found exactly what you need: Puttshack Bank is Puttshack’s newest and boldest venue yet, and it truly is unlike any other. We’re talking mini-golf, neon lights, the latest tech, awesome food… need we say more?!

Whether you’re looking for somewhere for team building, networking or good old Christmas fun, you can’t fail to impress with Puttshack. Stay seated while we explain why.

Glorious golf

Who doesn’t love mini golf?! And who doesn’t love indoor mini golf with a drink in-hand?!

Forget all those boring Christmas parties with awkward small talk and even more awkward bobbing up and down to music. Mini golf is the most perfect ice breaker we can think of, giving every guest a chance to unleash their competitive side and get to know their teammates on a hole new level. And of course, we’re not talking about just any old game of mini golf...

Golf at Puttshack Bank

Teerrific tech

Mini golf at Puttshack is an experience like no other, with screens, GPS tracking in the balls and neon lights everywhere. So, there’s no disputing a point, no losing track of scores and no bored participants standing at the sidelines.

In short, Puttshack Bank gives mini golf the best possible twist, making it perfect for golf fans and party-goers alike. Now doesn’t that sound more exciting than that super safe drinks and dinner combo you were thinking about?

Tech at Puttshack Bank

Magical menus

Don’t worry, ditching the overdone Christmas dinner and drinks combo doesn’t mean you have to forgo the refreshments altogether.

Puttshack Bank has a variety of menus to suit every taste and every event – from sharing platters to pizzas, salads to burgers. And you can even expect some mouth-watering festive foods and Christmas cocktails to make their way back onto the menu in time for the holiday season too!

Plus, if you really want to continue your Christmas dinner traditions, why not hire the Puttshack Restaurant before you play?! You really can have it all.

Refreshments at Puttshack Bank

Lucky location

Puttshack Bank isn’t just Puttshack’s boldest venture to date – it’s also its best-connected venue. Just a two-minute walk from Bank station, it’s easy to reach no matter which corner of the city you’re coming from – and just a 10-minute tube ride from Kings Cross, it’s easy to get to from anywhere in the country too!

But if Central London’s not for you, don’t worry. There’s also a Puttshack in White City and Lakeside Essex, so you can have fun wherever you go. The options are endless!

Private area at Puttshack Bank

Perfectly private

Whether you’ve managed to get the whole family together for a festive celebration or you’ve gathered all your teammates and colleagues for the office Christmas party of the year, the last thing you want is for your conversation to get drowned out by a crowd of strangers.

That’s why we love Puttshack Bank. No matter how big or small your party, you’ll always be able to enjoy it in private. With the option to hire a private room, specific area of the venue, half the venue and even the option to get the whole place to yourself, you’re covered whether you have a group of 16, a group of 650 or anything in between!

Private hire at Puttshack Bank

So, if you’re planning a Christmas party to remember or you simply fancy an amazing night of team building or networking, what are you waiting for? Puttshack Bank is ready and waiting to putt your event on the map. Just get in touch with our venue experts to find out more.