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Blank Canvas Venues

RIDA Studios: A Blank Canvas for Creative Events

RIDA Studios provide some of the best photography studios spaces to be found in London. The studio spaces provide the perfect canvas for creative events. Studios spaces at both RIDA North and RIDA East are easily transformed from the radiant white of a photography studio into a venue space, designed to realise any creative vision. This flexibility and the ease of which you can transform these rooms into unique event spaces, make RIDA ideal for Product Launches and Brand Activations looking to astound guests.

RIDA Studio

See You in the Studio

RIDA North offers 3 chic studio spaces. Studios One and Two are able to host up to 150 guests at your event while Studio 3 lets you invite up to 300 attendees. For smaller events, RIDA North offers a unique bar space with space for 60 people, ideal as an additional area for launches and brand parties. These creative production spaces are more than prepared to host events that create extraordinary experiences.

RiDa North Bar

If You Build It, They Will Come

You’ve got a perfect idea. The ultimate venue set piece to astound your guests and completely immerse them in the atmosphere of the event. But how do you build it? RIDA offers a full set build service capable of working within any time frame or budget. Thanks to their experience hosting exclusive and high-end photography shoots, they are masters of transforming the space into your artistic vision.

RiDa North Bar

Right Equipment for the Job

Being a professional photography studio, renowned for high profile work, RIDA is able to provide excellent lighting, photography and cinematography equipment hire thanks to their partnership with Pixipixel. If you need to record or broadcast your product launch, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more experienced and professional venue.

RIDA Studios

So when you need to create a truly unique event experience to launch your brand or product or you simply want a party like no other, book RIDA Studios.

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