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5 Quirky London Meeting Rooms to Inspire Creative Thinking

'Meetings' and 'inspiring' aren't always a perfect pairing, but we think it's about time that changed. With the right backdrop to your planning sessions, creativity becomes much easier to spark - plus, making the trek to a meeting becomes much more appealing when it's held somewhere intriguing.

If you're looking to shake up your meeting protocol, check out these 5 quirky meeting rooms that are guaranteed to enthuse even staunch WFH enthusiasts. And for advice on making your meetings accessible to colleagues who aren't able to attend, check out our complete guide to making your events hybrid (though with these venues, no one will want to miss out!).

Lumiere Underwood

The aptly named Lumiere is an open, light-filled venue, tastefully decorated with bohemian style and kitted out with all the key amenities for a successful meeting. Situated in an accessible loft space, its two unique studios offer a versatile and effortlessly chic backdrop to meetings and presentations, complete with a sound system, smart TV, and flip-charts for more old-school hosts, while a connecting lounge area provides a comfortable breakout space between the rooms.

Location: Old Street

Capacity: 50-70 boardroom

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Bounce Farringdon

What better place to bounce ideas around than at Bounce, home of ping-pong, and hive of creative energy? This venue has the balance of work and play down to an art, and hosting a meeting in this stimulating setting may well provide the inspiration needed to navigate hurdles at work. And with the line between meeting table and ping-pong table just a bat and ball away, why not hang around to 'net'work afterwards, and carry on the day's discussions over a team tournament?

Location: Farringdon

Capacity: 28 Boardroom

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ISH Venues

With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Park Crescent Gardens, and letting in as much natural light as you could hope for, the dedicated meeting rooms at ISH Venues are already off to a good start before you even begin your session. But with built-in screens, high-speed WiFi, and hybrid event capabilities, its facilities make hosting a successful meeting a breeze. Attention to detail across everything from menus to decor means you'll be in safe hands with meetings in this spot.

Location: Great Portland Street

Capacity: 36 classroom; 100 theatre

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Conway Hall

With a variety of stylish and bright meeting spaces on offer, historic Conway Hall is a fantastic spot for an update or cross-team meeting. Whether you're after something beautiful and unique (in which case, see the stunning Library), or modern and well-equipped (the Bertrand Russel Room features screens and capacity to be set up for hybrid events), this venue is an all-rounder when it comes to hosting inspiring meetings.

Location: Holborn

Capacity: 22 boardroom; 60 theatre

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conway hall

TOCA Social

Ready to go rogue? TOCA Social might not be the conventional spot you'd had in mind for your next meeting, but that makes it all the better for shaking up the status quo and getting your team thinking creatively. With high-tech screens and AV equipment, this venue has everything you need for a productive meeting, and the surroundings are guaranteed to get your attendees thinking outside the box. Plus, you're in the perfect place for a spot of post-meeting socialising to kick dull drinks to the kerb!

Location: Greenwich O2

Capacity: 100 theatre

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Inspired to break the mould for your next meeting? Get in touch with our venue experts to enquire about these quirky venues, or check out some of our other unique meeting spaces to rejuvenate your team.





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Jessamy Cowie

Jessamy channels her passion for sustainability and cultural events into shining a spotlight on innovation and inspiration in the events world, and heading up Hire Space's sustainability committee.

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