25th July 2014

Constituting of five gigantic railway arches on the foot of the Thames, it's immediately obvious that Pulse & Bankside Vaults is a dramatic and compelling space. A playground for anyone with creative flair, this venue can unleash even the most ambitious of imaginations.

Pulse & Bankside Vaults

We never know what might end up happening in this unique underworld cavern. With over 19,000 square feet of space, and enclosed deep below ground, this venue can provide a state of the art sound system that will keep everyone going - and with no risk of noise complaints.

Pulse & Bankside Vaults

Available for private dinners for 50 people, or full-scale parties for over 1300, Pulse & Bankside Vaults has seen it all. But mere dinners and parties don't cover the full range of events seen here. From elite fashion shows to violin concertos, the limit really is only what you can dream up.

Pulse & Bankside Vaults

In this photo you can see one example of the bizarre and brilliant range of events that the more ingenuitive of hirers have thought up: a mass fitness class. Alongside early-morning fitness raves, this event exploits the venue's versatility and enchanting atmosphere, which can accommodate everything from parties to Pilates.

What would you do with the space?

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