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Unique Venue of the Month: Printworks and Press Launches

When you’re launching a new product or service, the way in which you announce it to the market is key. A great way to get your brand out there is a launch event. However, capturing the attention of your audience and enticing press coverage is not an easy task.

It’s essential to establish the unique qualities of what you’re presenting. Your product and event need to stand out in a crowded marketplace to both grab the attention of the press and encourage their attendance. Choosing the right venue is the cornerstone of hosting a unique event. You need a space that both captures the imagination and intrigues guests while also being a practical events space. News desks are always looking for stories that add that little bit extra, that unique angle or exclusive snippet to make their stories that much more exciting.

Warehouse Space at London Printworks

Printworks offers a warehouse events space unlike any other. The neo-industrial aesthetic of its blank canvas space creates an atmospheric backdrop to any event, making it a popular choice for some of the most creative and engaging events in the last year, from immersive ballet performances to car launches and beer festivals.

Printworks hosts Star Wars by Secret Cinema

'Experience' is the next key part of a successful press launch. Experiential events are a huge trend and for good reason. Personal experiences create a better connection with guests and improve engagement. Not only does this give guests a more memorable time at your event but is sure to impress and engage journalists and members of the media in attendance.

Press launch at Printworks

Doing something special to engage your attendees not only connects with them but can help generate a social media buzz, organically extending the reach of your brand and message. By hosting a unique event you are demonstrating your company's ability to offer what others cannot.

Press Launch in the Control Room Bar at Printworks

Printworks’ event spaces are all highly flexible and allow for some truly memorable experiences to be staged within them. Bringing in a great events production team is an easy way to transform an amazing events space and realise your creative vision. Furthermore, Printworks’ flexibility allows its spaces to be dressed in a way that matches your brand.

HSBC Room at Printworks

With a capacity of around 2000 people, Printworks is more than capable of hosting the most sensational events. 14,000 square feet of pure events potential make Printworks a must for anyone looking to host a truly sensational press launch.

To book your next event at Printworks, click here

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