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Picture This: A Spectacular Conference at The National Gallery

The National Gallery is a bucket-list attraction for any visitor to London. So it isn't surprising that the gallery also features on the must-have lists of many event organisers!

Read on below for why we think the gallery's versatile spaces are the perfect backdrop for your post-lockdown conferences.

Perfectly prepped for Hybrid

In recent times, the ability to go hybrid has become an absolute must for all corporate event organisers. For your virtual guests to enjoy a seamless experience, you'll need top-tier AV equipment. Luckily, the National Gallery offers state-of-the-art AV and talented technicians to keep things running smoothly.

This dedicated AV team, courtesy of White Light Productions, means you'll be in expert hands when setting up your conference. The room's four-speaker sound system even comes with wired microphones, meaning that both your in-person and virtual guests will enjoy your expert panelists. Your lectern will also come with its own specialised presentation laptop, so expect smooth sailing for your conference!

Not only that, but The Trafalgar Room comes complete with its own stage. Don't worry about providing a backdrop though - this room has one specially designed for it!

AV set up at Trafalgar Room

It's all about connections

When looking for a venue, location is a major decision-making factor. You want somewhere that's not only practical and memorable, but easily accessible too. Late guests due to a maze of local country roads and confusing roundabouts are an event planner's worst nightmare.

Thankfully, Trafalgar Square is one of the most well-connected spots in London! Guests from outside of the city can take an over ground train to Charing Cross from almost anywhere in the country; you can even see the gallery from the station's main exit! Tube takers can even use one of Charing Cross' several exits directly onto the Square. That's to not even mention the constant stream of London buses, and the many other stations within 10 - 15 minutes' walking distance.

Once at Trafalgar Square, guests aren't going to miss the gallery. If the signs weren't enough, the huge building's giant columns and neoclassical architecture stand proud at the head of the square.

Trafalgar Square in foreground, gallery in background

Culture at your fingertips

Whether you're a startup, an agency, or an international corporate, it never hurts to bring your guests the wow-factor at your conferences. What better way is there to do that than surround them with the world's greatest artworks?

Whilst The Trafalgar Room oozes contemporary class, that won't mean that your guests will miss out on the gallery's classical charm. The space is located close to the gallery's world-renowned collection. Give your guests a unique opportunity to see the famous works of Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Monet; it'll be a sure-fire way to add extra inspiration to your conference!

For a direct viewing of the gallery's masterpieces, you'll want to host your guests in the spectacular Barry Rooms. Ideal for a conference and networking drinks, it's the Barry Rooms' gorgeous regal architecture and original paintings that make it one of the gallery's most popular events spaces. For something a bit smaller, you might prefer the Wohl Room. Your guests will adore the room's collection of gold-framed Venetian paintings and black marble accents. The room's lavish glass ceiling is nothing to scoff at, either.

Not only will your conference attendees be amazed at the chance to see these fabulous works in person, it'll be the perfect networking ice breaker too.

If you're looking for culture, you're sure to find it at The National Gallery.

Trafalgar Room conference set up

Endlessly versatile options

When planning an event, versatility is key. For a small conference or reception, it's easy to become convinced that you need to hire a venue equally as small. Here's where The National Gallery proves that wrong.

The gallery is completely equipped to host events large or small. Regardless of whether it's a 20 person reception, or a 300 person dinner, you'll find the perfect room here. The gallery's event spaces are completely flexible depending on the layout you need.

Planning a board meeting? The Wilkins Boardroom has got you covered. Flooded with natural light and top-of-the-line AV equipment? It doesn't come better than that. Maybe you're organising a conference with a head-count in the hundreds? You won't want to miss out on the Sainsbury Wing Lecture Theatre. The theatre is a phenomenal space, boasting built in AV and recently upgraded audio facilities.

Networking on the marbled Portico terrace is the perfect change of pace. Guests are greeted by a private 180-degree view of Trafalgar Square, and will sip drinks on the terrace's stunning black and white mosaic floor. Best of all, the terrace is deceptively large! At a capacity of 250 guests, you can be safe in the knowledge that all of your guests will enjoy the fresh air.

This is a great spot for a post-conference cocktail - the perfect tonic to a hard week's work.

The portico terrace

It's not just a pretty face

It might seem intimidating to host in such an iconic building, especially for first-time organisers or for small gatherings. But not only is The National Gallery as stunning as it is imposing - practicalities of the venue make it impossible for any event planner to ignore.

The versatility of The National Gallery means that almost all of galleries and spaces can be transformed for just about any event. But, if you are looking for a blank canvas, you may want to try one of its four dedicated Conference Rooms. Ranging from between forty guests to just six, the conference rooms are fully kitted with in-built AV equipment for any small conference. So don't worry that downscaling will exclude your virtual guests! Along with their attached meeting rooms for breakouts, you won't want to miss these spaces.

Another practicality of hosting includes the best thing in the world - food! Want some canapés at your post-conference reception? The National Gallery's spaces have access to a professional kitchen, with both Halal and Kosher catering options, so all of your guests can enjoy some good food with no worries.

What a way to celebrate hosting in person again.

The Monet Meeting Room

We could talk all day about the many reasons why events held at The National Gallery are so excellent, but we've discussed the five best ones!

The National Gallery's top-notch AV, tech, and service makes it a sure-fire venue for hosting events of all types. If your upcoming conference needs a home, hosting at The National Gallery promises perfect quality events. Not only that, but who doesn't want a private view of the world's most famous paintings? Or serene networking drinks to the backdrop of London's most iconic location?

If you've been inspired to host your conference amongst Monet and Claude, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our venue experts to find out more.





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