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Maximising the Use of Entertainment at Your Venue

Henry Fosdike, Digital Content Coordinator at Sternberg Clarke, guest blogs for us to discuss how to make the most out of event entertainment. Sternberg Clarke is one of London's most accomplished suppliers of entertainment to corporate and private events of all kinds.

When it comes to picking a good venue for your event, you need to think about a lot of different things. Where Sternberg Clarke specialise is in the booking of entertainment and making sure that the event you hold isn’t simply a number of people chatting awkwardly to one another in a beautiful room.

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When it comes to booking entertainment for an event, you first need to have a think about how you’d like the event to be remembered. Do you want your guests to go home chatting incessantly about what a brilliant party they just experienced, or are you wanting people to recall a fabulous dinner with some interesting and exciting deviations from the conversation at the table?

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If it’s a party you’re after then we highly recommend not simply putting some background music in the corner of your venue. Nobody will pay attention to the musicians and although they’ll provide some nice tunes, you won’t achieve the spectacle and delight that you’re probably going for. With this in mind, we enjoy putting musicians front and centre as people arrive. A harpist located right by the entrance? What a party this is sure to be! It instantly puts your attendees into a certain mindset and they’ll be tremendously excited to see what else awaits. Not sure about putting your music by the entrance? Why not put them in the centre of the room instead? It creates a stunning focal point for guests and allows the music to travel evenly throughout your venue.

Sternberg Clarke violinist

If your venue is on the larger side, you might like to think about hiring strolling entertainment. By booking a magician, caricaturist or even a wandering band, you ensure that the entertainment will reach everybody rather than just a select few. Acts ordinarily perform for over two hours so this is more than enough time for each individual group of people to enjoy a performance throughout the evening. Furthermore, with entertainment evenly spaced throughout the room – and constantly on the move – the venue that you hire can feel a lot more intimate, which naturally enhances the atmosphere.

Sternberg Clarke acrobat performing

Our final point is one on timings. It’s best to be gradual with your entertainment to ensure that it doesn’t all happen in one go, often at the climax of the evening. By spacing out your acts throughout, there’s always something going on, which will not only ensure a steady stream of smiles and appreciation from the room, but will also provide a few more shares on social media in this modern landscape. You don’t want people to be talking about your event for just five minutes; ideally, you’d like guests to still be using that all important hashtag throughout the evening and into next week!

Sternberg Clarke opera singer

No matter what entertainment you’re organising – from circus to music, and cabaret to dance – we are always looking to make sure that the entertainment you hire for your event reaches its full potential.

With this in mind, feel free to get in touch to see how Sternberg Clarke can help you with your event.


Henry Fosdike

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