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Unique Venue of the Month: The London Eye

This iconic, world-famous venue really needs no introduction. But then, that would make for a very short blog.

We say "venue", but really it's a structure made up of 32 separate venues, all accommodating three to 25 people. These "passenger capsules" are unconventionally inviting choices for all manner of events, from celebrations with friends and family, to networking and corporate events. Whatever the occasion, the panoramic views of the London skyline from 135 metres in the air are unparalleled.

Private CApsules

Events up in the sky will feature a 30-minute rotation, with both sitting and standing space for invitees. Canapés and champagne can be added to spruce up celebrations.


Even wedding receptions can be hosted in a classy capsule, making the big day even more memorable than it would typically be. Pods are decorated with vivid flowers, providing a beautiful backdrop against which to tie the proverbial knot. There's a choice of wedding packages for future couples, but whichever is chosen, the most important element will be present. (Champagne, of course.)

wedding receptions

Capsules are dramatically and gracefully converted into gastronomic wonderlands for private dining events – dubbed "Dining at 135", in reference to the colossal height of the structure, in metres. Up to eight guests can break bread (and duck, and venison, and more) with the Capital down below. The three-course meal will be paired with bespoke wines, not to mention a champagne reception at the London Eye Bar before the stratospheric experience kicks off.

private dining events

It's hard to turn down a venue that boasts 85 different awards – for its touristic, architectural and engineering value. Browse the venue in more detail here, and get in touch to book your next event there.

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