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Release Your Wild Side At ZSL London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo has been a beloved part of the capital since its inception in 1828. Renowned across the world, it has been enjoyed by millions of visitors - excitable children, and nostalgic adults alike. Its prestige and popularity are just a couple of the reasons why ZSL London Zoo is our unique venue of the month!


ZSL London Zoo has 13 separate spaces - and undeniably these spaces are all arguably more exciting than what other venues are able to offer in London. Where else can you find Penguin Beach, Tiger Territory, and Land of the Lions? Plus, let's not forget the 19,035 animals that call the zoo home. From armadillos to warthogs, western lowland gorillas, two toed sloths, Asiatic lions, and Humboldt penguins - the list is endless. And you can see them all during your event!


Furthermore, with 36 acres of land available, it’s inevitable that ZSL London Zoo would be able to hold some pretty impressive events right? Just imagine hosting a summer party at Penguin Beach - Europe’s biggest penguin pool. We can see it now - 300 guests sipping on cocktails and Champagne, whilst watching the 95 Humboldt penguins play in the pool.

If, like the penguins, you love being underwater, why not pay a visit to the world’s first public aquarium? Host standing receptions for up to 300 guests and marvel at life in the big blue. Or, go to B.U.G.S (Biodiversity Underpinning Global Survival) - suitable for evening events until 11pm, this venue is available for up to 200 people. It directly supports the Zoo’s biodiversity and conservation exhibit which houses over 140 species of insects, spiders and other invertebrates.‌


Add a little roar to your event by holding a reception with the Kings of the Animal Kingdom in the Land of the Lions. You and 299 others can nibble on canapés while marvelling at the 4 beautiful Asiatic Lions. Afterwards, stay in the Gir Lion Lodge, which is authentically modelled after the originals in India.

More of a reptile person? Never fear. You can also marvel at the simply enormous Komodo dragon at the Attenborough Komodo Dragon House, which was opened by national treasure Sir David Attenborough in 2004. For up to 80 guests, you can host an event which will be steeped in biological history and prehistoric creatures. Just don’t let your food out of your sight - Komodo dragons can eat up to 80% of their own body weight in one go!

As well as the super cool animal houses, ZSL London also has a number of dedicated event spaces throughout its grounds, such as The Terrace. A popular choice for big functions, The Terrace can hold up to 800 people. It is a perfect place for your Christmas party with beautiful artwork dedicated to the animals that have made the grounds their home.‌


Then you have the Prince Albert Suite which welcomes up to 300 guests. Perfect for more corporate events including meetings, conferences, and business dinners, the Prince Albert Suite knows how to mix business with pleasure. The highlight of this space is the private rooftop terrace that overlooks the grounds. Perfect for a sunny day and some photos.

And whilst all these facts have been fascinating - 208728 is the number that really matters. 208728 is the registered charity number of ZSL. Ever since its foundation in 1826, ZSL has carried out vital conservation work on a global scale, working with other organisations to protect animals and their habitats, from Panama to Indonesia.

So, if you fancy letting your wild side out at your next event, get in touch with any one of our Venue Experts today for more information on ZSL London Zoo.


Megan Dye

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