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Christmas Parties

Left Your Christmas Party To The Last Minute? These 8 Amazing Venues Have You Covered

In a rush to book the office Christmas party? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us! Fortunately you've come to just the right place to get some pointers on finding the best festive venues at short notice.

Our venue team are called experts for a reason: they've done the legwork to find the most memorable Christmas party venues to book both months in advance and at the last minute. Raring to get on with the search? Say no more! Read on for our round-up of 8 of the best last minute venues on our radar.

1. Bounce Old Street

For those seeking a lively and energetic vibe, Bounce Old Street is the ultimate destination. Imagine a fusion of modern club aesthetics with the timeless fun of ping pong. This venue is perfect for last-minute Christmas parties, offering an interactive experience that gets everyone involved. Whether you're challenging colleagues to a friendly match or just enjoying the upbeat ambiance, it's a guarantee that the night will be filled with laughter and competition.

Location: Shoreditch

Capacity: 400 standing

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Bounce Old Street

2. F1 Arcade

Rev up your Christmas celebrations at F1 Arcade, where the thrill of racing meets party fun. This venue is perfect for adrenaline junkies and casual gamers alike. With state-of-the-art racing simulators and a vibrant atmosphere, it's a unique spot to host a last-minute festive gathering that's both exciting and unconventional.

Location: Bank

Capacity: 600 standing

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F1 Arcade

3. Toca Social

For a harmonious blend of sports, music, and socialising, Toca Social is the place to be. This venue offers an immersive football-themed experience, complete with interactive games and a pulsating soundtrack. It's the ideal spot for a spontaneous Christmas bash, where guests can bond over shared goals and dance the night away!

Location: Greenwich

Capacity: 700 standing

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TOCA Social

4. Fairgame

Step into a world of carnival fun at Fairgame. This venue, with its array of classic fairground games and vibrant atmosphere, promises an unforgettable Christmas party. Perfect for those who want a touch of nostalgia and a lot of fun, it's a top choice for last-minute festive plans.

Location: Canary Wharf

Capacity: 600 standing

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5. One Bircage Walk

Elegance and history converge at One Birdcage Walk. This venue, with its grand architecture and opulent interiors, offers a sophisticated setting for Christmas celebrations. Whether you're hosting a formal dinner or a chic cocktail party, this venue provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable festive event.

Location: Westminster

Capacity: 210 reception

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One Birdcage Walk

6. The Lighterman

Overlooking serene waterways and offering a touch of urban sophistication, The Lighterman is the epitome of modern elegance. Its multi-level design boasts panoramic views, making it a picturesque setting for last-minute Christmas gatherings. Whether you're planning a lavish banquet or a cocktail evening, The Lighterman promises an experience that captures the magic of the season.

Location: King's Cross

Capacity: 280 standing

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The Lighterman

7. University of London Venues

Steeped in tradition and academic grandeur, the University of London Venues offer a unique blend of history and contemporary charm for Christmas parties. From majestic dining spaces to the stunning sweeping staircase in Crush Hall (which is included with the Beveridge or Macmillan Hall), this spot is perfect for those who appreciate a touch of classic elegance.

It's impressive at any time of year, but when the halls are decked for festivities, it's seriously striking, making sure that your Christmas party is both memorable and distinguished!

Location: Bloomsbury

Capacity: 200 dinner dance

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University of London

8. The Arber Garden

A haven of natural beauty in the heart of the city, The Arber Garden is where dreams of a garden party come to life. Surrounded by lush foliage and the soft glow of fairy lights, this venue offers an enchanting setting for Christmas celebrations. For those seeking a touch of the outdoors with all the comforts of a premium venue, The Arber Garden is the ideal choice for a last-minute festive bash.

Location: Chelsea

Capacity: 90 standing

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December's just 2 months away, and we're sure that all of these super spaces will be snapped up sharpish if you don't stake your claim in time! See one on this list that you like? Get in touch below to enquire for availability.

Still looking? We've got plenty more fabulous last-minute festive venues on our website for you to check out!


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Jessamy channels her passion for sustainability and cultural events into shining a spotlight on innovation and inspiration in the events world, and heading up Hire Space's sustainability committee.

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