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How (and Where) to Host the Perfect Supper Club

Hosting a supper club or food pop-up can be daunting… But fear not, as help is on hand, courtesy of our friends at Tabl who've compiled their top tips and chosen some brilliant venues to suit the occasion.

So, what is a supper club?

Supper clubs occupy the grey area between restaurant dining and a dinner party. Supper clubs are usually small and intimate and encourage interaction between guests. Have this in mind when setting up your event, pick a location and layout that facilitates conversation, think of some icebreakers or provide some entertainment. This is what sets a supper club apart from a typical dining experience.

How to choose a venue

Supper clubs could be held in your home if you have the space, but if not there are lots of unique venues out there that perfectly suit the occasion. Here are a couple of our favourites.

First thing's first, you'll need a kitchen, so look for private dining rooms, cafes or cookery schools like Underground Cookery School and Jenius Social. With professional equipment, plenty of space for guests, and even the opportunity to teach your diners a thing or two in the process.

Underground Cookery School

Or why not try an Insta-worthy venue like Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings? Your guests are your best advocates so if they're snap and share happy then that's free promotion for you and a ringing endorsement for your next event. The combination of practicality and beauty is perfect for a wow-factor event.

Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings

Little touches are important

It's important to put your own stamp on the evening so add some little touches that express your personality. Print out menus, find unusual table decorations or vintage crockery. You could even go for an all-out theme that brings together the food and the decor.

Be Prepared

Take advice from the boy scouts and always be prepared. Make sure you've tested your dishes and know your timings, making sure you factor in time to welcome and chat to your guests. Make more food than you think you'll need and be ready for curveball dietary requirements on the night!

Super Club Venue

Seasonal balance

Using seasonal ingredients is a brilliant way to bring out the flavour in your dishes and also a great inspiration. It's a good idea to chat with your local butcher and greengrocer to source ingredients that are a little bit more unusual and less expensive, that'll help you stay within your budget too.

Think practically

Source some help, you'll need a hand with serving, greeting guests and probably the washing up, so call in some favours from friends and family.

Make sure you've given your guests detailed directions to the venue.

Top Tip

Alcohol licensing laws mean you can't charge your guests for drinks, but you can make your supper club BYOB. Perhaps encourage guests to bring their favourite spirit and whip up some cocktails. Make sure you've got enough space to keep guests' alcohol chilled, no one likes a warm drink after all.

Supper Club

Have fun!

Your guests are there because of your passion and enthusiasm so let that shine through and enjoy yourself. A happy host makes for happy guests.

Now, who's ready to host their first supper club?

Find more delicious venues on and visit Tabl for foodie inspiration.


Amy Stroud

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