Pop quiz: Your next corporate event requires which of the following?

A. Business casual wear.

B. Golf.

C. Drinking cocktails.

D. Street food.

E. All of the above.

We hope you guessed E… because the answer is E, all of the above (business casual optional, perhaps). Don’t believe me? Swingers City is here to show you why.

Swinger's City

For those that love an element of competition to their night out, Swingers City is the venue for you. Brought to you by the Institute of Competitive Socialising, this crazy gold experience is one like no other. With beautiful decor and outstanding hospitality, it is the ultimate location.

Basically, it’s your chance to beat all those co-workers that you love (or hate) to work with every day in some friendly tournaments.

Based on an English golf club set in the 1920s, this venue welcomes you to enjoy what they call the ‘holy trinity’- crazy golf, street food, and amazing drinks - combined together to create the best social experience. Can we talk about this food? With three huge street vendors: Pizza Pilgrims, Patty & Bun, and Breddos Tacos providing sensational food every day, your taste buds will be singing as you and your friends swing into the next round of golf.


Why not get together with colleagues to create a corporate night out to remember? There's nothing like a bit of healthy competition amongst work friends. Swingers City provides a unique night out, which is why it would make the perfect venue for a company to unwind at. It also promises an unforgettable social experience with different features open from 12 pm to 11 pm.

You'll find it in a giant basement space at 16,000 square feet, not too far from The Gherkin in Central London, making it the ideal location to host any event. The venue can be rented by the room or in its entirety. The venue itself has two nine-hole golf courses set out over two stories, complete with a Gin Terrace and a Deck that overlooks the venue, alongside a private dining room, four cocktail bars, and a nightly DJ.

Upper Clubhouse and Gin

If you take a loss or need a break, you can calmly exit the golf course and kick-back with a drink. Plus it has a capacity of 500 people, so no matter how many people decide to show up, there’s always space for more!

With spaces such as the Lower Clubhouse, the Upper Clubhouse, the Gin Terrace, and the President’s Committee Room all available for hire, you will be satisfied with all the options. Any private hire includes a heap of included extras, such as premium drinks for all guests, a dedicated events manager, a round of crazy golf for your party, and your own personal caddie. You might also be happy to hear, all spaces are charged based on a minimum spend with no venue hire fees.

Swingers City encourages drinking on the golf course. So, put down those water bottles and pick up a cocktail as you swing your way around the holes. A caddy is on hand to take any extra drink orders you may have - the team here knows that playing golf is thirsty work.

Think about it, a fun night at Swingers City…it's venue unlike any other!

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