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A Beginner's Guide to London Fashion Week 2019

The History

Taking place annually in February and September, London Fashion Week is considered one of the big four fashion weeks, alongside New York, Milan and Paris. This global showcase for fashion designers the world over began in 1984 and was the brainchild of the British Fashion Council. In its 33 year lifetime, London Fashion week has graced many different venues across London (the very first was held in a West London Car Park!). At one point in the early 90s, London Fashion Week made its home in the events spaces of the Natural History Museum.

The British Fashion Council also began to work on showcasing up and coming designers around this time. Both Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney benefitted from this initiative, helping their ascension in the industry. London Fashion Week is now based in and around Somerset House with exhibits set up specifically for the benefit of the public.

Survival Guide

The fashion showcases at London Fashion Week are highly exclusive events and very difficult to get into if you’re not a member of the industry or media. Not to worry though, London Fashion Week still has plenty to offer. It’s still possible to get in on the action going on at street level. Observing the street styles and latest fashion trends is highly popular and many major publications send people to scope out the trends on the street.

You might even set the latest trend yourself if your outfit is worthy enough to attract the attention of their photographers. It’s an inspiring place to be and the atmosphere buzzes with excitement. Indulge in some people watching and you never know what you might pick up. Even if you don’t have tickets for the main event, it’s well worth attending just to take in the street styles.

If observing on the streets still isn't satisfying your craving to see the latest trends up close and personal, there is an option for individuals who are not affiliated with any industry or media. "London Fashion Week Festival" is open to the public and has two package options. You can choose from 'Insider' or 'Front Row Access', both including fun and exciting aspects to include you in some of the action. Make sure you dress to impress as you will be just as much on the catwalk as the models!

Find out more about London Fashion Week Festival here

Street Style at London Fashion Week
Source: Vogue

Top tips:

  1. Remember to eat and hydrate yourself to keep your energy up. Tearing yourself away from it all for lunch is difficult but important.
  2. Wrap up warm as London can still be arctic in February.
  3. Make sure you have a comfy pair of shoes, there’s a lot of standing around and walking involved with attending LFW. Keep your stylish shoes in your bag until you need to show off if you're lucky enough to attend any of the shows.

Lastly, make the most the experience and just enjoy the buzz. And, if all else fails you can still keep an eye on the proceedings from the comfort of your own home via the live streams.

Fashion After Parties at the Scotch of St James
Source: Scotch of St James

The After Parties

The show doesn’t stop when the sun sets, at least for those lucky enough to attend the exclusive after parties each evening. These events are held at some of London’s most stylish clubs and events spaces, such as the Scotch of St James. If your invite to one of these exclusive events got lost in the post, there are still plenty of incredible bars and clubs sure to be enjoying the Fashion week buzz. The Dirty Martini is sure to attract any self-respecting fashionista as is the Cuckoo Club, Mayfair.

Fashion After Parties at the Scotch of St James
Source: Scotch of St James

London Fashion Week is an event like no other in the city and a must for anyone keen to observe the fashion world up close.

LFW begins Friday, 15 Feburary 2019 and runs until Tuesday, 19 Feburary.

Check out more great after party ideas here.

If you're looking to host a fashion show, check out our chic fashion venues here.

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