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Characterful Conferences at the Royal Horseguard’s Hotel

Conferences don’t have to be held in white, soulless rooms with strip lighting and beige carpets. A bit of character goes a long way! And if it’s character you’re after, you can’t get much better than the Royal Horseguard’s Hotel and One Whitehall Place. We’re talking Grade I listed architecture, tons of history and unbeatable views of the Thames.

Here are 6 reasons why it’s a no-brainer for your next conference.

1. A powerful past

Want your conference to go down in history? The Royal Horseguard's Hotel has a pretty cool past. It was once a headquarters for the MI5 and MI6 and it even houses secret tunnels that were used by Winston Churchill in WW2!

More recently it's featured in a host of films, from Skyfall to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2). Clearly, this is a venue fit for stars!

The Royal Horseguard's Hotel and One Whitehall Place

2. Delightful decor

The Grade I listed Royal Horseguard’s Hotel was built in 1884. From high, ornate ceilings to glittering chandeliers and large windows, it oozes charm at every turn.

As if that wasn't enough, it's home to the longest cantilevered staircase in the world. You might recognise it from the latest season of The Crown, where it was recently featured!

3. Views, views, views

If you’re like us, you don’t get views of the Thames every day. And neither do your delegates. The Royal Horseguard's is situated on the bank of the Thames, directly opposite the London Eye. So, if you want your conference to be memorable, all you really have to do is get everyone to look out of the window!

On top of that, London is one of the best-connected cities in the world and the Royal Horseguard’s is right in the centre of it. That means your delegates have no excuses - it’s easy to get to whether they’re coming from Timbuktu or Waterloo.

The view from The Royal Horseguard's Hotel and One Whitehall Place

4. 5-star service

When we say that the Royal Horseguard’s has 5-star service, we’re not exaggerating. It’s actually a 5-star hotel! And when it comes to conferences, this is a venue that’s done it all before, so you’re in safe hands.

In fact, you’re in such safe hands that you don’t even have to bother about the details yourself if you don’t want to. The Royal Horseguard’s offers a delegates package which includes teas and coffees on arrival, mid-morning refreshments, a buffet lunch and even pads and pens! It’s all taken care of for you.

5. 1st class facilities

Whatever the capacity of your conference, the Royal Horseguard's has got you covered.

Take your pick from 12 rooms, all with complimentary WiFi. Some, like the Gladstone Library, link directly to other rooms that can be used for registration and catering. Or, why not hire out the whole of the second floor so you also have room for breakout sessions and meetings? The choice is yours.

The Gladstone Library

6. Award-winning accommodation

If you’re looking for a London conference venue with accommodation, you’re in luck. Not only does the Royal Horseguard’s Hotel offer 277 luxury bedrooms for you and your delegates, but it’s even won awards.

Just picture the look on your delegates’ faces when they role out of a sumptuous bed in the morning and open the curtains to a view of the Thames. What better start could there be to a successful conference?  

Are you sold? Get in contact with our venue experts to learn more about hosting your next conference at the Royal Horseguard’s Hotel and One Whitehall Place, or click the button below.




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