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6 Exceptional West London Venues for Conferences

Dive into the heart of West London's vibrant event scene with our curated guide of 6 exceptional conference venues. Whether you're orchestrating a high-profile corporate gathering, an educational seminar, or an innovative industry conference, West London's diverse venues cater to every taste. Join us as we unveil these handpicked locations, guaranteed to elevate your next event from ordinary to extraordinary!

1. Eventim Apollo

The Eventim Apollo stands as a beacon of entertainment history in West London, offering a grand backdrop for conferences. With its iconic art deco design and capacity to host up to 3311 guests, this venue transforms from a legendary concert hall into a dynamic event space. The Apollo's versatility is highlighted by its state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, ensuring every conference leaves a lasting impression on its attendees. Its central Hammersmith location makes it easily accessible, adding to its appeal as a great choice for event planners.

Location: Hammersmith

Capacity: 3311 Theatre

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Eventim Apollo
Eventim Apollo
Eventim Apollo

2. Chelsea Football Club

Nestled under the stands of one of the world’s most famous football clubs, Chelsea Football Club's 'Under The Bridge' offers a unique and vibrant setting for conferences and corporate events. This stylish, state-of-the-art venue combines modern design with the electrifying atmosphere of football history, accommodating up to 550 guests. Equipped with the latest AV technology and customisable lighting, it creates an immersive experience that is both inspiring and memorable for any event.

Location: Fulham Broadway

Capacity: 550 Reception

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Chelsea Football Club: Under the Bridge
Chelsea Football Club: Under the Bridge
Chelsea Football Club: Under the Bridge

3. The Broadcaster

Based in the heart of West London's dynamic White City, The Broadcaster is a stylish venue that reflects the area's rich media heritage. This modern, flexible space is ideal for a range of events, from intimate seminars to large-scale conferences. With its elegant interiors and innovative culinary offerings, The Broadcaster provides a sophisticated environment for networking, presentations, and corporate gatherings.

Location: White City

Capacity: 70 Theatre

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The Broadcaster
The Broadcaster
The Broadcaster

4. No.11 Cavendish Square

No.11 Cavendish Square is a treasure of West London, combining historical elegance with modern facilities. This Grade II listed Georgian townhouse provides a picturesque setting for conferences, featuring a variety of rooms that can accommodate up to 400 people. For smaller conferences, The Orangery and the Garden Room, with their natural light and views of the tranquil gardens, offer a serene escape from the bustling city, making it an ideal spot for more refined corporate events.

Location: Oxford Circus

Capacity: 400 people

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The Burdett Suite
The Maynard Theatre
Left: The Burdett Suite; Right: The Maynard Theatre

5. Institut Français

Offering a slice of French culture in the heart of London, the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni is more than just a cultural centre, it’s a distinguished venue for conferences and educational events. With a range of auditoriums, classrooms, and reception areas, it caters to events of all sizes, providing a sophisticated and intellectually stimulating atmosphere. The venue's commitment to promoting the French language and culture adds a unique and enriching dimension to every event.

Location: South Kensington

Capacity: 225 people

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Ciné Lumière 2
Ciné Lumière
Left: Ciné Lumière 2; Right: Ciné Lumière

6. Curzon Bloomsbury

For those seeking a venue with cinematic flair, Curzon Bloomsbury is an iconic choice. Located in the Brunswick Centre, this cinema has been thoughtfully designed to offer a unique event experience, combining cinema with the functionality of a conference venue. With several auditoriums equipped with cutting-edge projection and sound technology, it offers a captivating setting for presentations, screenings, and panel discussions.

Location: Bloomsbury

Capacity: 150 people

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Screen 5 - Renoir
Screen 1 and Screen 4- Lumiere & Plaza
Left: Screen 5 - Renoir; Right: Screen 1 and Screen 4- Lumiere & Plaza

As we conclude our exploration of West London's exceptional venues, it's clear that there is an array of options for hosting conferences and corporate events. Whether you're drawn to the historical charm of a Georgian townhouse, the cultural vibrancy of a cinema, or the exhilarating atmosphere of a world-renowned football club, West London caters to every need and preference. We hope this guide inspires you to find the perfect conference venue! Take a look below to find more conference venues in London.


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