Now that summer is here and restrictions have lifted, it's time to get your team out and about at an amazing away day. With our top picks, you're sure to find a great venue for your day! Don't worry about excluding any of your virtual colleagues, though - at Hire Space we've made sure to include venues which will be perfect for your away day to go hybrid on a platform like Arena.

Anomalous Space

If cold and corporate isn't quite your company's vibe, Anomalous Space's alternative style might suit your fancy.

Anomalous Space is made up of two spaces that are available to hire individually or as a whole. A_SPACE rocks a homely aesthetic that perfectly suits its Georgian Townhouse origin. Here you'll have access to away day necessities as well as little luxuries that'll treat your colleagues. They'll love lounging on A_SPACE's beanbags, and full access to a stylish in-built kitchenette. Put the kettle on - Anomalous Space offers complimentary tea and coffee!

If you're looking for a smaller home away from home, B_SPACE will have you sorted. B_SPACE's lounge area maintains the venue's homely feel, as does its gorgeous natural lighting. It also has the same tech available as A_SPACE, including high speed internet, a 70" LED TV with mini sound system, Apple TV connectivity, and full access to flip-charts and stationary. With all that available and more, why not make your away day hybrid?

What's more, you'll love Anomalous Space for its accessibility. A_SPACE's step-free access means that none of your colleagues will have to miss out on a fantastic away day.

Capacity: 20-60 guests

Location: Angel

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View of A_SPACE
A_SPACE at Anomalous Space

Asia House

Situated in a central London Grade II* listed Georgian Townhouse, you'll have exclusive access to Asia House's traditional Regency features and decoration. This won't just appeal to the architecture-enthusiasts and History buffs amongst you, these bright spaces and their natural lighting are sure to lift spirits and cultivate creativity at your away day.

The Library is a firm favourite; an intimate space, this room boasts pastel Regency glamour and academic charm. Regarding all-important tech, it comes with free wifi, an AV package, and even air conditioning! You'll also have the option to hire its adjoining Studio, which is brilliant for breakouts, or your away day's catered lunch.

Got a blank canvas in mind? Asia House's two boardrooms will be perfect for you. These two rooms are flooded with natural daylight and offer perfect skyline views, which'll be appreciated by city visitors and Londoners alike. In the Boardrooms, you'll have access to all of Asia House's tech, with the addition of a plasma screen and a conference phone! Just like The Library and the Studio, the Boardrooms can also take full advantage of Asia House's professional kitchen for its catering.

Whether you're looking for a glossy modern space, or historic charm, Asia House won't let you down.

Capacity: 9-120 guests

Location: Westminster

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Dining set up at Asia House
The Library at Asia House

The depot_Old Street

The depot_Old Street absolutely cannot be ignored if you are looking for alternative and unique venues. When you want to bring a spark of fun and imagination to your away day, the depot_Old Street has it in buckets.

As a space that hosts art exhibitions, the depot_Old Street is brimming with its own style and creativity - which is perfect for creating an innovative space for your away day. That's not to say that it's features are surface-level, it's also a modern and forward-thinking venue that has top-notch tech in great supply.

This multi floor venue offers full AV support with its day packages, and even provides breakout areas to get the creativity flowing. The depot_Old Street will have the necessities of your away day sorted, meaning that your in-person and hybrid attendees will have a great time. Speaking of in-person, why not take advantage of the depot_Old Street's professional kitchen, and have a brilliant catered lunch?

Best of all... the depot_Old Street is dog friendly! So your best buddy can join in all of the fun.

Capacity: 24-100 guests

Location: Old Street

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View of the depot_Old Street
The depot_Old Street's multiple floors

Bounce Holborn

When Bounce say that they are the home of ping pong, they aren't kidding. Situated on the very site that ping pong was invented on in 1901, Bounce is a great London night out. But, did you know that it's also a fantastic place for away days?

The first thing that comes to mind when you go to this venue is, of course, the ping pong. You'll make your company away day a must-attend event with exclusive access to ping pong tables in their private Jaques Room. Your guests will also have access to the venue's professional kitchen, so expect well-fed and happy attendees. Finished for the day? You may as well switch up the ping pong with the Jaques Room's own karaoke machine - go on, you deserve it!

Bounce also has all of the tech you'll need to run a smooth away day. Take advantage of their DDR packages, including surround sound and brilliant AV. This space is ideal for hybrid away days, as you can be sure that your virtual attendees won't miss out.

Perfect for companies with head counts in both the double and triple digits, Bounce is a no-brainer choice for away days.

Capacity: 14-550 people

Location: Holborn

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Sutherland Labs

This bright and airy venue is the perfect space to get out of the office and clear your head. Minimalism is famous for boosting creativity, and you'll find that most at Sutherland Labs' array of spaces.

A blank canvas with a twist, The Warehouse at Sutherland Labs lets your away day do the talking without compromising on style. Minimalist pops of pastel colour will inspire your team's creativity and boost their focus. The Warehouse's natural lighting and airy vibes will energise your attendees - so get ready for some top-notch brainstorms! The Warehouse is a perfect away day choice for tech companies and hybrid, due to their expansive tech facilities. A 4K TV with casting capabilities will be perfect for your away day's presentations, whilst you'll also have access to their on-site dry hire video editing suite.

For something a bit larger, The Loft at Sutherland Labs marries minimalism with coziness. The Loft boasts a 75" 4K TV and a 3m HD projector, which are perfect for full HD video conferencing and casting. This spacious and airy room, with full access to a kitchenette, is ideal for a full-day away day.

Don't worry about travel time, either. Sutherland Labs' Covent Garden location will make getting there a breeze, and the evening entertainment easy to come by!

Capacity: 8-45 guests

Location: Covent Garden

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Set up at Sutherland Labs' The Warehouse
The Warehouse at Sutherland Labs

Lumiere Underwood

If you're caught between choosing a blank canvas space or a quirky venue, Lumiere Underwood asks: why not both? This set of studios is is the ideal venue for an away day due to its genius layout.

Here you'll find two lofts with different but complimentary character, The New Victorian Loft and The New White Loft, which are separated by The Chalet - a beautiful breakout space. The New Victorian Loft's bohemian aesthetic and colourful vibes are the opposite of your regular meeting room space. Your colleagues' out-of-the-box ideas will thrive here, especially in one of their cozy breakout nooks.

The New White Loft has an open and airy vibe that is the perfect blank canvas for any away day. It still has all of the traditional features seen in The New Victorian Loft, but updated in an unobtrusive white gloss. The two lofts have the away day essentials on offer, so here you'll find a smart tv, AV equipment, a sound system, microphones, air conditioning, and much more. You'll also have access to flipcharts and pinboards for your brainstorming sessions. When the day is done, why not treat yourself to catering in The Chalet?

Whether you want just one space or all three, Lumiere Underwood is a great choice for an away day.

Capacity: 20-200 people

Location: Old Street

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Presentation set up at Lumiere Underwood
The New Victorian Loft at Lumiere Underwood

1 Wimpole Street

For a venue with your away day presentations and discussions in mind, 1 Wimpole Street is a perfect choice. With over 15 spaces and 3 state-of-the-art auditoriums, away days at 1 Wimpole Street ooze professionalism.

A large part of your away day will be spent discussing your company's achievements and presenting your goals for the future. 1 Wimpole Street's auditoriums are the ideal way to keep your colleagues comfortable and focused, due to its theatre seating and state-of-the-art technology. In these three auditoriums, both large and small, your colleagues will benefit from 4k HD projectors, on-site AV facilities, remote cameras, and surround sound - which will be ideal for making your event hybrid.

It's not just the auditoriums at 1 Wimpole Street that are acclaimed. In a variety of sizes, 1 Wimpole Street's meeting and boardrooms are ideal for a small away day or post-presentation brainstorming space. You can choose from spaces with beautiful traditional wooden features, or classy no-frills meeting rooms. Here you'll also have access to HD screens and projectors, full AV equipment, induction loop systems, and in-room speakers. So, you won't have to sacrifice hybrid compatibility if you choose a meeting room instead of an auditorium.

Additionally, 1 Wimpole Street is within easy reach of your guests, located at the iconic Oxford Circus. How great is that?

Capacity: 30-300 people

Location: Oxford Circus

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Naim Dandgoor Auditorium at 1 Wimpole Street

LABS House Holborn

Barely a stone's throw away from ultra-connected Holborn Underground Station, LABS House Holborn is a prime location for tech savvy away days and bougie vibes.

With modern style and panoramic London views that'll inspire your attendees, there's no word to describe LABS House Holborn other than breathtaking. A large dynamic space, the 7th Floor is an airy space that'll encourage movement of ideas - especially in one of its ready made breakout spaces. Access to a kitchenette will give your breakouts a great comfortable and casual vibe, too. You can't go wrong when setting up shop at LABS House Holborn, as it's versatile enough to handle any away day crowd.

You'll love this venue for its features too. On-site event management will help you to make your day go off without a hitch, whether it is large or small. You can rely on its high-tech in-house AV, which will also make your presentations flawless. LABS House Holborn will also have your away day fun handled, too - your attendees can enjoy access to the 7th Floor's private bar and catering.

A beautiful away day venue that's also high-tech? LABS House Holborn will make your away day the talk of the town.

Capacity: up to 250 people

Location: Holborn

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Open floor of LABS House Holborn's 7th Floor
LABS House Holborn's 7th Floor

RSA House

Known as one of the most spectacular and delightful rooms in London, RSA House is a hub for innovative thinking. This listed Georgian building's rich history at the forefront of inventions and discoveries make it a brilliant choice for a central London away day.

The Great Room at RSA House is a particularly beautiful masterpiece. Away Days in The Great Room are treated to its famous paintings, which are illuminated by a glass dome roof. Don't let the swathes of daylight fool you though! The room can be blackened out for your away day's presentations.

As it is frequently used for conferences, you can trust in its high tech AV capabilities. Your away day will have full access to an on-site AV technician, live streaming, and the venue's own projector and screen. Because The Great Room can take a large crowd of attendees, its stage and surround sound will make sure that everyone can see and hear you. Did somebody say hybrid?

After a productive away day, your colleagues will be happy to know that The Great Room's professional kitchen will provide enough food to refuel.

Capacity: up to 200 people

Location: Charing Cross

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Conference set up at RSA House
The Great Room at RSA House

Under The Bridge

No list of great away day venues would be complete without Under The Bridge. This venue boasts a quirky music theme, which is sure to make any away day a chart-topping bop.

Stylish and versatile, hiring Under The Bridge for your away day gives you full access to their stage and dance floor, which is primed for presentations. Whether you set up cabaret or theatre style, you'll have the space to do it. Your presentations will benefit from Under The Bridge's amazing array of tech, too. You'll have access to 2 HD cameras, LED screens, a PA system, great DDR packages and AV, and even an exclusive Green Room! Additionally, why not use their booths as breakout spaces for innovative brainstorms?

Away days at Under The Bridge will also be a treat for your colleagues due to its catering capabilities, and private access to its two bars! If you host your away day at Under The Bridge, it might just go Platinum!

Capacity: up to 550

Location: Fulham

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Under The Bridge stage and dance floor area
Away Day set up at Under The Bridge

Whether you're looking for a blank canvas to inspire ideas, or a quirky studio to cultivate creativity, we hope that our expansive list of our 10 best London-based away day venues has the right space for you. If you've seen a venue here that you'd like to learn more about, or want to find more spaces for your day, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our venue experts.