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7 Basement Bars for Below Ground Bevvies

Basement Bars are on the rise, and nothing will impress more than bringing your guests to one of these exclusive, and often elusive, underground venues in London.

These basement bars are the perfect place for an underground bev (or ten), and we had to show just how good they are. Here are seven of the best basement bars in town:

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb, Vintry & Mercer

Set in the basement of the brand new Vintry & Mercer Hotel, Do Not Disturb is the hottest new speak-easy style cocktail bar with the ultimate retro-glamour and sophisticated style.

Taking inspiration from the clandestine bars of 1920's New York, you can find Do Not Disturb through a secret darkened tunnel tucked in the back of Garlick Hill. Emanating elegance and style, you'll be sure to impress your guests at Do Not Disturb.

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Blame Gloria

Blame Gloria

This subterranean vintage cocktail den certainly does not disappoint, with 1960's acid neon prints this chic underground spot is the gram-lovers dream. Brought to you by Adventure Bar Group, responsible for the buzzing Tonight Josephine, Bar Elba and The Escapologist.

And the fun doesn't stop there, Blame Gloria's cocktail menu is sure to leave you asking your friends, 'Have you met Gloria?'

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Revolution Leadenhall

Revolution Leadenhall

The Basement Bar at Revolution Leadenhall is the Financial District’s best kept secret. Underneath the wealthiest district in London lies the Basement Bar; part of Revolution Leadenhall, which is an opulent three story venue, and the former home to The Midland Bank.

Guests can use their own private entrance as the wander into the depths of the Basement Bar - an underground haven with two private bars, dance floor, DJ booth & private seated booths.

With space for up to 380 people, the Basement Bar at Revolution Leadenhall is a huge space, with catering options available too.

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Ask For Janice

Ask for Janice

Downstairs at Ask For Janice is the urban, minimalist bar that is probably too cool for you. With exposed brick walls, a general skater vibe, and eclectic artwork that covers the walls, this bar is the hippest place for a drink in London. And it’s underground.

The downstairs of Ask For Janice is in stark contrast to the well lit, natural upstairs - it’s a sultry underground playground, with neon signage, filament lighting, concrete floors, and stripped back foundation pillars. Loved by photographers and directors alike, this is the hippest bar in the city.

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Under The Bridge

Under the Bridge

Going down the stairs into the dark cave of Under the Bridge, you soon forget you're underneath the stand of a football stadium. It is the state of the art venue that is taking London by storm. It has been built with the highest attention to detail.

Dark and atmospheric, this venue is flexible, and versatile. Whilst this venue might be underground, the skies the limit when it comes to how far the event organiser’s will go to provide the perfect event. And with a literal never-ending cocktail and drinks list, guests will be more than happy at this bar.

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Vault and Parlour at Shoreditch House

Vault and Parlour

The Vault and Parlour at Shoreditch House is an underground bar with a difference. Situated on a quiet street, it is one of the City’s hidden gems. Dating back to the Edwardian times, this basement bar was once home to a subterranean bullion vault.

With rich, eclectic decor, you will find yourself turning back the clock as you unwind in this basement bar. The Vault and Parlour prides itself on giving a nod to the past but remaining very much in the present - it is this juxtaposition that makes this bar an exciting one.

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Barrio Soho


Embrace your inner senorita and dance the night away at Barrio Soho, a Latin inspired bar.

Barrio Soho embraces the vibrancy, colour, and zest of latin flavours, and uses this clash of colour to create a night to remember.

Barrio Soho brings a slap of Latin attitude - this basement bar is full of funky flavours, fresh food, and fancy drinks - the interior is a perfect representation of its ethos. Bright, bold, and beautiful Barrio Soho should prove to bring you a night you won’t want to forget.

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