Railway Arch 463

Railway Arch in Hackney

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  • From £200
  • 50 Standing
  • From £200
  • 50 Standing

Space description

The main space fits up to 50 guests, with a dressing room, kitchen, bathroom and plenty of storage. It's a perfect place to host a photoshoot with the amenities offered. We've hosted 30th birthdays, baby showers, supper clubs and engagement dinners, with a fantastic 1200w sound system, lighting, smoke, and if you really want it (please don't) confetti.

You can BYO or book our bar team to serve your guests on your big night. We operate as a carpentry workshop during the day times so if you swing by for a viewing using our scheduling tool you will see the space in a completely different form.

More about Railway Arch in Hackney

Welcome to Arch 463 - an exciting and versatile venue perfect for hosting any type of event!

Our venue boasts a bright and airy space, with ample natural light - perfect for bringing events to life. We also have a range of facilities including a private bar, cloakroom, and a modern sound system. If you're looking for a venue that can host up to 50 guests with late-night celebrations, ease of access to public transport, and a beautiful bathroom, you're in the right place.

We look forward to welcoming you and your guests to Arch 463 for an unforgettable event.