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Any spectacular even deserves a spectacular view. We've put together the best venues with a view across Manchester, perfect for your next event.

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When hosting an event you really want to impress your guests, Hire Space have managed to put together a selection of the top venues with a view in Manchester, The city has a variety of rooftops, terraces, and even views of the football stadium.

Dance the night away with stunning views of Manchester, these venues are great for summer parties, birthdays and for wowing your corporate clients.

If you need a bit more help in finding the perfect venue whatever the event then contact one of our Venue Experts give them a call for a quick quote today.

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1. Elevating Your Event: How Manchester's Skyline Can Transform Your Gathering

Choosing a venue with a view in Manchester isn't just about finding a pretty backdrop; it's about creating an immersive experience that elevates your event from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The city's skyline, a tapestry of architectural triumphs from the industrial age mingled with the sleek lines of modern design, offers a dynamic setting that can inspire and impress your guests.

When selecting your elevated venue, consider the time of day your event will take place. A daytime gathering can harness the natural light that plays off the city's glass and steel, while an evening affair allows you to capitalise on the urban glow and perhaps even the twinkling stars above. It's essential to visit the venue at the same time of day as your event to truly understand the view's potential impact.

Think about the layout of the space and how it will influence the flow of your event. A venue with floor-to-ceiling windows or a spacious terrace can encourage guests to mingle and enjoy the vista. Ensure there's comfortable seating positioned to take in the sights, and consider a binocular station for a closer look at Manchester's landmarks.

Incorporate elements of the view into your event's theme. If your venue overlooks the historic canals, for example, integrate water elements into your decor or menu. For a skyline view, you might opt for a modern, sleek design that mirrors the city's contours.

Lastly, don't forget to check the practicalities: accessibility for all guests, the availability of tech for presentations or entertainment that complements rather than competes with the view, and the logistics of catering and service that will ensure your event runs as smoothly as the Manchester Ship Canal.

For more insights on venue selection and event planning, explore resources like Corporate Away Day Venues in the South East, How to Find a Sustainable Venue for Your Event: A Guide for Event Organisers, and Mirror Mirror: Reflecting Your Brand in Your Event Venue.

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