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Escape Room Game - Rogue Agent

The ultimate exercise in critical thinking and teamwork: groups have to come together to decipher clues and uncover the rogue agent in their midst.

Escape Room Game - Rogue Agent


1 hour 30
From £326.40
25 to 500 people
Lead time
1 week lead


In this high stakes game of critical thinking, teams of 5-6 become MI5 agents, racing against the clock to uncover a rogue agent in their midst before time runs out. Packed with immersive and engaging clues, and hosted by professional game masters, this activity is a great way to encourage collaboration and problem-solving between colleagues, and makes for an engaging and unique team building experience. Just remind them that invisible ink doesn’t work quite so well for office memos...

What's included?

  • 90 minutes of game play
  • Game master and professional host
  • Professional actors
  • Virtual clues, puzzles, and high-quality graphics
  • Interactive breakout rooms
  • Team leader board

Price breakdown

Price per session

Flat fee £300
Price per person £26.40

Additional costs

Shorter lead times than 1 week will incur additional fees

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