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Cookery Class

Bring your team together for an interactive and educational cookalong class with a friendly professional chef from the Jamie Oliver Cookery School - *chef’s kiss*!

Cookery Class


2 hours
£32.40 / Person
8 to 1000 people
Lead time
2 days lead


With a selection of scrumptious world recipes to choose from, this hands-on masterclass from professional chefs at the Jamie Oliver Cookery School is a treat for any team! Attendees will receive a prep sheet and recipe card in advance of the event, including a shopping list and instructions on setting up for the workshop. Once on the call, a friendly chef will take you through creating a culinary masterpiece, all in Jamie’s light-hearted and laid-back cooking style, so that everyone can join in, have fun, and leave with new skills. Interaction is encouraged and this activity is a great choice for a team building session - after all, there’s nothing like good food for bringing people together!

What's included?

  • Shopping list, prep sheet, and recipe card delivered before event
  • Choice of recipe
  • 2 hour session with professional chef from Jamie Oliver Cookery School
  • Informative and helpful step-by-step tutorial
  • Interactive session with questions and conversation encouraged

What to bring

  • Full equipment list will depend on recipe and be emailed to attendees after booking

Price breakdown

Price per session

Price per person £32.40


Additional costs

Shorter lead times than 2 days will incur additional fees

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