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Bespoke Quiz

Want to really get to know your colleagues? Treat them to a hilarious, personalised quiz with this bespoke virtual package and you'll soon be experts in each other's little-known quirks!

Bespoke Quiz


1 hour
10 to 50 people
Lead time
5 days lead


How well do you really know your team? Our Interactive Bespoke Quiz will be able to answer that for you! We'll send you a short survey with personal (yet company-appropriate) questions to be filled in by each team member. Then, we'll use this info to create a bespoke quiz designed to help you reconnect, get to know each other better and have a good laugh. Wondering who secretly watches 'Strictly Come Dancing' (but says they don't)? Now's your time to find out. Wondering who puts noodles in their sandwiches? Wouldn't you like to know. With a healthy dose of competition added into the mix (no quiz would be complete without a classic leaderboard), this is the fun, high-energy way to foster team spirit and create memories with your remote team.

What's included?

  • 60 minutes of an interactive, bespoke quiz
  • Fun, engaging, and experienced hosts
  • Pre-quiz questionnaire
  • Bespoke questions and personalised rounds

Price breakdown

Price per session

Flat fee £720


Additional costs

Shorter lead times than 5 days will incur additional fees

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