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Beer And Cheese Tasting

If it's high-time your team had a treat, we've got the perfect package in mind! With this beer and cheese tasting session, they'll bond like never before!

Beer And Cheese Tasting


1 hour 30
£86.40 / Person
Lead time
5 days lead


Give your team an experience to treasure, with this virtual beer and cheese tasting session delivered by a knowledgeable expert. Participants will recieve boxes containing 4 artisan cheeses from Westcombe Dairy, and 6 beers from Wild Beer company before the event, and during the session, an enthusiastic representative from the company will take attendees on a show-stopping tasting journey. Teams will also have plenty of time to talk and bond over their newfound appreciation for the pairing, which we're sure will bind them together closer than before, all thanks to humble beer and cheese!

What's included?

  • Delivery of 4 cheeses, 4 paired beers, and 2 additional beers from Wild Beer
  • 60 minute live-tutored tasting with one of Wild Beer senior team

What to bring

  • Glasses
  • knife

Price breakdown

Price per session

Price per person £86.40

Additional costs

Shorter lead times than 5 days will incur additional fees

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