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Party Bingo

This is bingo with a hilarious twist (and shout): a fully customised soundtrack holds the answers on the bingo cards, and dancing along is obligatory in this bingo hall!

Party Bingo


1 hour 30
8 to 500 people
Lead time
1 week lead


Kick off your slippers and party like it’s the 60s, 70s, or 80s - or a mash-up of any genres and eras of music you like, for that matter! The choice of theme is entirely up to you, and the Party Bingo team will put together an unmissable soundtrack for your team to bop along to their favourite tracks from the comfort of their sofas. But the real triumph doesn’t come from the dance-offs or lip-syncs - all the fun masks the deadly battle of the bingo cards going on throughout the event, as song after song is ticked off when it’s played. You might not be the dancing queen, but you might well beat your colleagues and take the bingo crown!

What's included?

  • Customised, themed playlists
  • Personalised and branded bingo boards
  • Optional dance-offs, lip-sync battles, karaoke
  • 90 minutes of entertainment and bingo with lively hosts

Price breakdown

Price per session

Flat fee £600


Additional costs

Shorter lead times than 1 week will incur additional fees

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