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Big Top Fully Custom Party

Work with our Big Top creative team to design a virtual party extravaganza from scratch that is completely unique to your company.

Big Top Fully Custom Party

Presented by: Big Top

2 to 3 hours
£22 to £40 / Person
50 to 10,000 people
Lead time
6 weeks lead


Create a completely custom party experience by working side-by-side with our creative team. There are no limits to what we can do for the fully custom party package. You'll be able to work with us to create your own room concepts and make something that is true memorable for your team. So get yourself in the Xmas spirit and get your creative juices flowing. Additional talent which is specifically requested will be charged at cost.

What's included?

  • Unlimited scope for creating rooms to customise the party to your company
  • Talent sourced from world-class performers
  • Option to include key staff as key parts of the party
  • Dedicated virtual event manager

Price breakdown

Price per session

Up to 200 people£40 / Person
200-500 people£31 / Person
500+ people£22 / Person


Additional costs

Customisation fee (waived for events of 1,000+ people)£5000

Shorter lead times than 6 weeks will incur additional fees

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