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Virtual Mixology Class

Mix up a perfect virtual networking event with this mixology class - it's a real ice breaker!

Virtual Mixology Class


1 hour
From £204
Lead time
1 week lead


Got a virtual event on the horizon where you want people to network and make connections? You'll need a fun, low stakes activity to make them feel at ease. This mixology masterclass is just the thing, with a professional bartender to talk you through mixing up a marvellous concoction (or three), and plenty of time to socialise. Kits containing all necessary ingredients will be delivered to attendees' addresses prior to the event, so everyone's ready to crack on. Cocktail shakers can be added on as extras.

What's included?

  • Live interactive mixology class
  • Kit containing all ingredients for 3 cocktails delivered
  • Live Karaoke with experienced host

What to bring

  • 2 glasses
  • spoon

Price breakdown

Price per session

Flat fee £120
Cost per person £84

Payments and addresses must be received 7 days before the event

Additional costs

Optional stainless steel shaker £20 each

Shorter lead times than 1 week will incur additional fees


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