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Virtual Auction Fundraiser

Encourage networking and make sure connections are made with a virtual auction fundraiser designed to get guests socialising.

Virtual Auction Fundraiser

Presented by: Arena

2 to 4 hours
From £1.50 / Person
Lead time
4 weeks lead


Hoping to drive up engagement and interaction at your event? Why not make your event do good at the same time by organising a virtual auction fundraiser? This comprehensive package includes multiple breakout rooms for networking, as well as stages for entertainment and unlimited exhibitor booths to show off the wares for auction. With this much excitement going on, getting people talking won't be a problem - it's getting them to stop that'll be the only issue!

What's included?

  • Live-stream production
  • Dedicated event manager
  • Fully brandable event platform with multiple customisable rooms

Price breakdown

Price per session

Pay As You Go £3 / Attendee
Pre-pay £2 / Attendee
Subscription £1.50 / Attendee


With all options, you only pay for people who actually attend

Additional costs

Shorter lead times than 4 weeks will incur additional fees

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