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Fancy Bakes

Feed the conversation at your event with a box of delicious fresh bakes, delivered to attendees' doors for a scrumptious social event.

Fancy Bakes


1 hour
£15.90 / Person
Lead time
2 weeks lead (3 weeks for international)


Get guests socialising over everyone's favourite topic - food! This package brings a beautifully-presented box of delicacies, including mini macarons, biscuits, and cupcakes, to attendees' doors, to enjoy during a networking event. Pair with a seminar or social activity to get people interacting and making connections - luckily each guest gets their own box so there won't be any showdowns over sharing the last cake!

What's included?

  • Selection of finest cakes from Cutter and Squidge delivered to attendees' doors (contents include mini cupcakes, 'biskies', and macarons)

Price breakdown

Price per session

Price per person £15.90

Additional costs

Shorter lead times than 2 weeks will incur additional fees

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