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Big Top Custom Design Party

Customise our Big Top package with entertainers and rooms of your choice and create a unique Christmas party experience that everyone in your team will remember.

Big Top Custom Design Party

Presented by: Big Top

2 to 3 hours
£22 to £40 / Person
50 to 10,000 people
Lead time
6 weeks lead


Customise the standard Big Top design to create your own Virtual Xmas Party experience. You could make the bar look like your local pub, or change the map to look like the streets around your office at Xmas. You can also customise the room names to fit your company culture or insert some in-jokes into proceedings. For larger parties we can also create multi-layered maps with maps within maps for different regions / departments.

What's included?

  • Create a map design and change room names to customise the party to your company
  • Choice of more than 30 rooms and performers
  • Pick your own rooms to suit your company
  • Option to include key staff as key parts of the party
  • Dedicated virtual event manager

Price breakdown

Price per session

Up to 200 people£40 / Person
200-500 people£31 / Person
500+ people£22 / Person


Additional costs

Set-up fee (waived for events of 1,000+ people)£2000

Shorter lead times than 6 weeks will incur additional fees

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