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Hybrid Meeting

Skip the stress and impress remote and in-person attendees with a fully-managed hybrid meeting.

Hybrid Meeting

Presented by: Arena

1 to 2 hours
From £1.50 / Person
5 to 100 people
Lead time
4 weeks lead


Your meeting should be just as effective in a hybrid format: in fact, the balance of virtual and in-person elements can even make it sharper by insisting on clarity and focus throughout. Our hybrid event package provides support on the set up and scheduling of your meeting, as well as the option of on-the-day support. The platform is designed to encourage participation from both kinds of attendee, with hybrid networking facilities as standard.

What's included?

  • Venue sourcing
  • Fully brandable event platform
  • Networking and chat functionality
  • Event branding assets designed (optional)
  • Option of live stream production

Price breakdown

Price per session

Pay As You Go £3 / Attendee
Pre-pay £2 / Attendee
Subscription £1.50 / Attendee


With all options, you only pay for people who actually attend

Additional costs

Venue costs will vary. Enquire for bespoke pricing and venue details.

Hybrid live stream production starts from £4,700 + VAT (up to 2 hours).

Shorter lead times than 4 weeks will incur additional fees.

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