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Virtual Summer Seminar

Give your colleagues or friends an entertaining dose of fun education with a seminar from experts at the Royal Institution!

Virtual Summer Seminar

Presented by: Arena

1 to 2 hrs
From £1001.50
Lead time
4 weeks lead


In the market for some inspiration? This virtual package has it on tap, with a virtual seminar from experts at the Royal institution! Treat teams or friends to an hour of intimate discussion on a range of subjects, and prepare to learn things you didn't know you didn't know! Perfect for pairing with a food or drinks package, this event is sure to be a seminal success with all guests!

What's included?

  • Live interactive talk from Royal Institution
  • Event platform with sponsor booth & networking functionality
  • Option of live stream production

Price breakdown

Price per session

Pay As You Go £3 / Attendee
Pre-Pay £2 / Attendee
Subscription £1.50 / Attendee
Seminar flat fee £1000


With all options, you only pay for people who actually attend

Additional costs

Remote live stream production starts from £1,650 + VAT (up to 1 hour).

Shorter lead times than 4 weeks will incur additional fees.

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