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Pizza And Cocktails

Treat guests to a slice of the high-life with a pizza and cocktail-making workshop from the comfort of their homes!

Pizza And Cocktails


1 hour 30
From £230
Lead time
2 weeks lead (3 weeks for international)


Give guests a double whammy of foodie fun, with a pizza making workshop and cocktail-making masterclass - not necessarily in that order, although the neatness of the pizzas might diminish if cocktails come first! All participants will receive a kit containing ingredients for both classes before the event and there will be time to enjoy the meal and drinks alongside some socialising during the event.

What's included?

  • Kit for making 2 pizzas and 3 cocktails delivered to door
  • Zoom masterclass with lively hosts

What to bring

  • Glasses
  • flat surface
  • frying pan
  • grill
  • plates
  • cutlery

Price breakdown

Price per session

Flat fee £120
Price per person £110


Additional costs

Shorter lead times than 2 weeks will incur additional fees

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