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Remote Scavenger Hunt

What better way to bring teams together than by setting them challenges and clues to decipher? This scavenger hunt turns remote working into an adventure, making it perfect for a team reward or away day!

Remote Scavenger Hunt


1 hour 30 minutes
£42 per person
20 to 150 people
Lead time
1 week lead


What could be better for a team-building activity than your very own, personalised scavenger hunt? Not only is it a great way to foster communication and teamwork, but it's, quite simply, insanely fun!

Your colleagues will have 2 hours to complete as many challenges as they can in teams. We're talking solving cryptic clues and riddles, snapping state-of-the-art photos, sniffing out objects from around their homes and shooting action videos! This race against the clock will have your colleagues practising their creative thinking and working together in ways they never have done before.

And the best bit? We'll compile all the photos and videos to create a red-carpet live screening at the end of the event. It's the perfect way to re-live the day (and have a giggle!) while you bond over a drink with friends and colleagues.

What's included?

  • 90 minutes of fun challenges
  • Lively host with lots of experience in organising fun games

Price breakdown

Price per session

Price per person £42


Additional costs

Shorter lead times than 1 week may incur additional fees

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