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Cookery Class

Ready to finally learn how to whip up a meal with the wow-factor? This fun, feel-good virtaul cookery session is not to be missed!

Cookery Class


2 hours
£32.40 / Person
8 to 1000 people
Lead time
2 days lead


If you struggle to boil pasta, or can't tell a hollandaise from mayonaise, there's still hope! In this friendly and informal masterclass, professional chefs with oodles of experience cooking everything upwards of pot noodles will walk you through cooking a Masterchef-worthy meal (but maybe learn a couple of others before you apply for that challenge...). Guests willl receive shopping and equipment lists before the event to ensure everyone's ready to get cooking, and there will be time to enjoy the meal together during the call.

What's included?

  • Shopping list, prep sheet, and recipe card delivered before event
  • Choice of recipe
  • 2 hour session with professional chef from Jamie Oliver Cookery School
  • Informative and helpful step-by-step tutorial
  • Interactive session with questions and conversation encouraged

What to bring

  • Full equipment list will depend on recipe and be emailed to attendees after booking

Price breakdown

Price per session

Price per person £32.40


Additional costs

Shorter lead times than 2 days will incur additional fees

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