Venue Performance

A revolutionary data and analytics service helps venues navigate uncertainty and make the right decisions at the right time.

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What is Venue Performance?

Now more than ever you need rock-solid information about the future to drive your decision-making.

Venue Performance shows you what the future looks like for you, your competitors and the events industry in general. Forward bookings and historic data for you and your cohort are brought to life visually and these tools empower you to interrogate the data further.

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Benchmark and Beyond

Venue Performance provides whole market trends that enable you to instantly compare the key metrics of your establishment with the sector in general.

But the real power and value is unleashed when you compare your venue’s performance with that of your competitors. From this competitive data set Venue Performance generates:

  • A unique set of competitive benchmarking metrics specific to your business
  • Forward bookings intelligence and historic performance data
  • Performance Radar™ (a revolutionary tool that immediately surfaces areas of performance that stand out and deserve further attention)

Performance Metrics include: Event type, date & size, venue hire revenue, F&B revenue, price per head and lead time.

Pricing starts from £950 per annum

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Start Analysing Your Venue's Performance

Venue Performance will track and measure the performance of your venue against the competitive aggregate and general market. Below are examples of the reports available with this service that will offer you actionable insights for the performance of your venue.


Booking Trends

Gain insider information into the booking trends of your clients and competitors, as well as insight into current and future market trends. It’s like peering into all of your competitors’ booking systems!



Easily monitor the volume of enquiries and bookings you receive monthly, quarterly and annually to keep an eye on how things are progressing. Get deeper insight into the flow of business through your venue and compare your performance against competitors, allowing you to get ahead of the curve and develop more targeted strategies


Market Share

Gain useful insight into the percentage of the market you (and your competitors) currently dominate vs the percentage you’re aiming for. This allows you to revisit your objectives, adapt and tweak your offerings and focus your marketing where you really need it.


KPI Radar

Set your most important KPIs (key performance indicators) and easily generate visual displays of your performance, pinpointing strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.


Events Radar

Another useful visual report displaying your overall performance as a whole, as well as that of your competitors and the wider market.


Side By Side

An easy-to-read illustration of your KPIs against those from your chosen comparison set. Simply adjust the metrics in the filter function and watch the data change in real time, offering hundreds of key learnings and actionable take-aways.

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