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Looking for the top-rated entertainment for an in-person or virtual event? All of Wildgoose's brilliant packages are chart-toppers with teams.

Wildgoose Entertainment

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From 1 hour
From £12 per person
UK-wide and International


Offering engaging team building activities for in-person (and virtual and hybrid) events, Wildgoose are leaders in bringing people together. Using creative technology and expert game planners, they deliver fun and impactful activities designed to keep employees motivated and connected, and provide live, unmissable entertainment at events. 

From scavenger hunts to escape rooms and challenge games, the range of Wildgoose's activities means there's something for every event, no matter the format. And their focus on interaction means every session is a great way to encourage teamwork, collaboration, and communication at the same time as providing a whole lot of fun!

The perfect addition to away days, conferences, team meetings, icebreakers and more, these activities provide a morale boost to teams, and a pick-me-up for long events.

Key features:

  • Carbon neutral team activities
  • Play anywhere, anytime for any group size
  • Boosts morale and engagement
  • Flexible event delivery
  • 24/7 availability
  • 20+ indoor & outdoor themes to choose from

Price breakdown

Price per session

Price per person£12


Additional costs

£250 +VAT remote facilitation fee

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We had a great experience with Wildgoose. Communication was great throughout, they were very accommodating and the game itself was super fun and got great feedback from the team. We will use them again!


The team at Wildgoose exceeded everyone’s expectations. Everyone had loads of fun on the day and the memories created will last a lifetime. The engaging and interactive games really got people out of their shell and working together better as a team which is just what we were hoping to achieve. Thank you, Wildgoose Events.


As a 100% remote company, with team members all over the world, it can be hard to find an amazing activity that everyone can enjoy! Luckily we found Sean Clarke and Wildgoose! We had SUCH a great time with our murder mystery and especially our moderator who made the event memorable and fun. We highly recommend Wildgoose and will definitely be back! Thank you!