Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Factory

Make your event unforgettable with an ice cream factory for all your guests to enjoy!

Presented by: Sixth Sense

From 2 hours
From £1350
Up to 100 people


If you'd eaten the science experiments at school, you'd have been in big trouble, but with this eye-popping experience, sampling the science is totally on the table! With liquid nitrogen turning cream to ice cream in just minutes, guests are entertained and then treated to a delicious dessert that's been made from scratch in front of them by masters of the engaging craft.

With 3000 flavour combinations, it's up to your guests to decide what's on the menu - and each one can choose a totally unique option! Choose bespoke flavours and colours to fit your theme, or let guests go wild with the full range of options: with ice cream chefs on hand to whip up any creation you can dream up - alcohol included - it's guaranteed to add a scoop of excitement to any event!

Key features:

  • Hundreds of flavour options
  • Exciting food theatre
  • Ice creams prepared on site
  • Set up and staffing included
  • Bespoke flavour consultations

Price breakdown

Price per session

Up to 2 hours £1350
Additional hours £125 per hour
Additional guests £4 per guest


Additional costs

Alcoholic flavours additional £1 per portion

Travel costs £1.50 per mile

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When we heard about the liquid nitrogen ice cream, we thought it would be a great way to get visitors to come to our stand, and the theatre element of the vapour created by the nitrogen would have them engaged long enough for us to have meaningful interactions with them. This is exactly what we got, and more! People were queuing to get to our stand and try our Cocktail flavoured ice creams!

Nicola Richardson, Specialist Holidays Group

The guys made a fantastic impression at my client’s event by making individual ice creams for each guest. Everybody got to choose their favourite ingredients which were then mixed with cream, blasted with nitrogen and served up in no time at all. It’s fun to watch and tastes great!

Colin, Planned 2 Perfection

The team have been a pleasure to work with from day one. We have received a personable service right from the start, teamed with professional and timely responses for all our company needs to date, which also follows through to delivery on events.

Hannah Woodley, Kalm Kitchen