Chair Yoga And Meditation Workshop

Whether it's a conference, away day, or meeting you're planning, adding a dose of feel-good stretching is the perfect way to engage your guests and improve productivity.

Chair Yoga And Meditation Workshop Chair Yoga And Meditation Workshop Chair Yoga And Meditation Workshop

Presented by: Lyfe Wellbeing

From £95 per session


After focusing on your content for a long period, your attendees are bound to be stiff, so why not wake them up with an easy-going but effective yoga workshop? This session can be done by everyone, in ordinary work clothes, while sitting on chairs, and is a great way to improve concentration and release endorphins.

The instructor will also lead guests through a short guided meditation to get everyone relaxed and in the zone before you return to business.

Key features:

  • 30 minute yoga/guided meditation session
  • Fully vetted instructor

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The journey with our wellbeing partners Lyfe Wellbeing over the last 11 months has been fantastic, their platform and services have continually evolved to support us. Importantly the team take time and care in supporting us as UK Wellbeing Leads. Allowing us to maximise value, listen and adapt the range of services we provide to our people. The team are an absolute joy to work with.

Wellbeing Lead, Global Consulting Firm

I found working with Lyfe to be an enlightening and positive experience. The analysis provided as a result of the trial has been very beneficial and makes Lyfe stand way above similar offerings from other companies.

Global HR Director, Telecoms Company

The solution is simple, actionable, research-backed, relatable, achievable and focuses on social interaction.

Digital Innovation Award